Lady Gaga “You & I” VIDEO PREMIERE!

Finally got our old Lady Gaga back crazy video’s CRAZY outfit’s a pure gaga orgasm! I was lil scared for this video because I didn’t see how it could be turned into a music video, or even look good in video form!

But gaga you WOW! us again! And their is most def something about you and your Lil Monster’s! LoVe you Gaga keep it up!



Lady Gaga posted this picture with the caption “Love is a Result. We bare an Unbearable Human Inability: to just ‘be.” and what people don’t realize this is a screen grab from “You & I” that she will be releasing on her 1000 tweet on twitter. You can tell by the 16:9 resolution and her alter ego coming out the piano. But all I can say this music video is gonna be amazing!

Lady Gaga VMA PROMO!



There are these two sneak peeks floating around of our wifey’s promo for the MTV Video Music Awards. You can’t see her magnificent face, but you can see her bloody hand and coffin about to be engulfed in flames.

So any guesses on what she plan’s on doing? leave it in the comment’s below!

Chris Colfer Get’s The Axe From Glee Via Twitter??


Geesh! You think Ryan Murphy would have filled them in before making the announcement!

We were shocked to learn this morning that Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, and Chris Colfer would be cut from their smash series, Glee, when their characters graduate from McKinley High at the end of the upcoming third season, and apparently, so was the latter – because Colfer only found out by reading Twitter yesterday!

Colfer explains:

“Yesterday on Twitter. Yeah, I found out that they made that announcement. I didn’t necessarily know that it was going to be our last season next year, I knew something like that was coming up eventually. I mean, we can’t be there forever. I don’t necessarily want to leave so soon, but I mean, it’s fine. It’s what it is. And all things come to an end. As a performer, I feel so fulfilled. I have two Emmy nominations and just from hearing from people out in the world about how much the character has helped people. If it’s time for a conclusion, I’m fulfilled with it, and I’m fine with it.”

Not very cool!

The three of them are partly responsible for the initial success of the show, so we don’t understand why Ryan wouldn’t at least honor that and give them the decency of a head’s up before telling them they were essentially fired via the press!

Although we do think this switch up will give the show a much-needed sense of realism and consistency, it’s still such a shame to know that we will have to say good-bye at the end of next season!

Sigh! Best enjoy as much of them now while we still can!

Demi Lovato-Skyscraper Full Song

Download this amazing new song #Skyscraper by Demi Link:

Adam Levine Set Of “Moves Like Jagger”

Singer Adam Levine and his band Maroon 5 are in the midst of shooting the video for the extremely catchy hit “Moves Like Jagger.”

Adam was seen shirtless on the set of the video, and seen walking around in between takes.

Levine tweeted his excitement regarding the video:

“Making a video for #moveslikejagger with [Christina Aguilera] tomorrow! And the legendary Jonas Akerlund is directing!”

“Video shoot is AWESOME so far. Androgyny all over the place!”

Along with Christina, US Weekly is reporting that Mick Jagger will have a part in the hit song’s video via archive footage. It should be fun to see what they do with that.


Justin Bieber “Baby” To Be Removed From Youtube

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we’ve got some great news for you. Not really, JK It’s looking like there’s a possibility that you will no longer be able to watch Justin’s music video Baby on youtube for free NO MORE! Of course, a lot of … Continue reading

Draco Malfoy Headed To The Studio?

Tom Felton, best known as Draco Malfoy and the ever-present thorn in Harry Potter’s side, is moving on from the role that’s defined him for so long.

In fact, he’s going to redefine his whole image and become a rapper.


Tom, who has clinched a recording deal with an independent label, revealed: “I was thinking of doing some N-Dubz-style stuff. I am looking to get into the grime rap UK scene.

“I’m going to change my image – backward caps, the lot.” He cited Dappy out of N-Dubz as his inspiration but said: “It’s still under wraps so I can’t really talk about it.”

So… this isn’t a joke?

We’ll reserve some of our judgment until we hear his dope rhymes but when we said he was leaving the Malfoy role behind, we didn’t mean movies in general. The guy has a staggering 5 movies in production at the moment, including Rise of the Apes!

So what do you think about the rapping business for Tom?

Cher Lloyd A Swagger Jacker!

Is Cher Lloyd a copy cat because her new song “Swagger Jagger” tittle sounds like “Moves Like Jagger and then the instrumental sound’s like 2ne1 “Im the best” and they relesased their song awhile ago what do you think???