Bride Arrested On BIG DAY!?


Most brides just have to be stressed about whether or not it’s going to rain on their big day, not whether or not they’re going to be behind bars!

Check out this pretty amazing mugshot of Tammy Lee Hinton, who was arrested in Leoni Township, MI on her wedding day and fully dressed for the occasion on a felony warrant for identity theft (above)!

Apparently, the woman had been M.I.A. for three years, and once local authorities knew where she was located, they wasted no time getting her booked!

According to Officer Rick Gillespie:

“She was not in jail for more than 15 minutes, maybe a half hour. She was able to bond right out. We can’t ignore it when we have good information on where she’s going to be. We had to do what we had to do. She was kind of shocked at first, because according to her, she had no idea what this was about.”

Apparently, the fuzz were kind of enough to let her pose for some last-minute photographs before taken her down to the station!

We wonder if the cops just got to attend the reception after she was bailed out!


Nichole Finally Engaged!


After four years of dating, Nicole Scherzinger is officially engaged to British Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton.

Nicole’s dad Alfonso Valiente broke the news, saying:

“Yes, they are engaged. My future son-in-law is a really nice guy, really down-to-earth. My family all like him. The good spirit is there.”

Seems like her family loves him just as much as she does!

Congrats to the happy couple! Can’t wait to hear all the wedding plans!

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo To Wed On TV


Of course it will! Because that worked out SO WELL for you the last time, Nick!

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo have just announced that their wedding will air on TLC in a special tentatively being called Nick & Vanessa’s Dream Wedding. The special will not only follow the couple on their big day, but also show viewers their joint bridal shower and Vanessa’s search for the perfect wedding dress. The couple released a joint statement about their televised nuptials, saying:

“We’re lucky to have such passionate and loving fans, and we thought partnering with TLC on this special would be the best way to share the exciting journey we’re on with all the people that support us and our relationship.”

Uh-huh. Okay. And, you know, it doesn’t hurt when someone else picks up the tab for the reception, right? Just saying!

The special will air in just a few weeks, putting the couple’s wedding date in the next few days! Guess we know who won this race?!

Crystal Harris Regrets Canceling Marriage

Crystal Harris broke off her engagement with Hef just days before their June 18th wedding. We all know that, and we all know that it was her decision to do it.

Yet, in a recent interview with ET, she’s seen to be what looks like forcing out some tears — maybe trying to play the sympathy card!

Here’s what she had to say, after mentioning that she was actually relieved but thought she had disappointed everybody:

“It happened so fast. Hef asked me to marry him in front of three cameras and a photographer. I thought it was something I wanted.”

She had plenty of time to call things off before they got to this point. Before things were booked, TV specials were lined up, and a whole wedding was planned and just days away.

Regardless of how he asked you and who was there, you could have immediately talked to him right after they were gone! When it comes to your happiness, don’t drag your feet!

We think we’re ready to hear from Hef! We get the feeling that he didn’t see this coming at all, and it’d be nice to know how he’s feeling beyond a few tweets here and there!

Breaking Dawn CANCLED OH NO!

Are you excited for “Breaking Dawn” well don’t be you have a wait on your hands you have two years on your hands one released this year then one again next year.

It sucks that we have to wait and wait and wait till we get to watch “Breaking Dawn” but we just have to wait.

So you still have time to reread the book so what will you do in the mean time? Comment below and let me know.

But here is a photo of the wedding shoot they did together.

The Hills SAY BYE!

Tuesday night “The Hills” said goodbye forever and I never watched the show never saw the point in it but I guess if you like drama and preps and jerks this was the perfect show for you! 🙂

Yes I have the show a chance but that chance went bye bye like the show.

But after the show they had the cast come back for their last tv day view and the creator of the show appeared at the finale. But why wasn’t she on the show I know is I created a show I better be in it!’

What is your opinion of the show and will you miss it and will you think someone will get a spin off?


Carrie’s wedding dress!

This is post to be the dress Carrie Underwood is post to be wearing on the big day and look hot in.

This dress is not a dress for some girls but I think Carrie will be able to pull this look hot and make her Fiance cry.

Because we all know Carrie is a really beautiful girl and deserves and amazing day because she is more then a singer. She has heart and soul in her heart is so warming that she deserves this day.

So what do you think about her rumored to be dressed do you like it or no???


I think it isn’t to pretty but the right girl like Carrie can pull it off and A’c it!

Results will be announced next Thursday!

/But congrats Carrie on the wedding and a post on the wedding tomorrow 7/11/2010