Meaning Of Lady Gaga “You & I”

Lady Gaga has finally returned to form. After some visually pleasing but generally lackluster videos, she has finally come out with something to write home about. “You and I” is arguably the best song on her sophomore release, “Born This Way,” and now has a video to match. (And, before you complain, — “Edge of Glory” doesn’t count because it wasn’t a Gaga event as it was Gaga being demure —  well as demure as she can be. Plus it was only because the Lady got to go into Versace‘s archive.)

In her usually verbose style, Gaga released a six minute video complete with torture, high fashion, county, a wedding, dancing, humor, sex, mermaids and Gaga as a man. Pop’s second-in-command — Katy Perry took the throne with her fifth consecutive number one– tweeted the release via her thousandth tweet, rewarding her “little monsters” for devoting themselves.

In the video itself, there is so much going on it is hard to figure out what all of the different characters are doing, who they are and what they mean, if anything. I can see that there is a method to the madness of the video, but one YouTube commenter really put things into perspective:



“I think the video is about her abusive, controlling boyfriend constantly forcing her to change. Everytime he changes her she becomes stronger and more magical. She eventually leaves him. She kisses herself (jo) to show that she has finally come to love and accept herself, because you can’t love someone else until you love yourself. Since she has accepted herself, she decides to reunite with him, running from New York back to Nebraska. He finally accepts her and they get married at the end.”


Anything we thought before about the mermaid, the mermaid woman getting married, the drag Gaga kissing the piano Gaga went away after discovering the metaphor. As per usual Gaga wants everyone to love themselves and accept themselves, and that theme rings true in her latest video. While torture may replace blasphemy in her latest attempt, it is going down a lot more smoothly than her previous ones.

Overall AMAZING video it make’s me want to go get a piano and play it! Even tho I attract people with tomato’s lol.


Lady Gaga “You & I” VIDEO PREMIERE!

Finally got our old Lady Gaga back crazy video’s CRAZY outfit’s a pure gaga orgasm! I was lil scared for this video because I didn’t see how it could be turned into a music video, or even look good in video form!

But gaga you WOW! us again! And their is most def something about you and your Lil Monster’s! LoVe you Gaga keep it up!


Lady Gaga posted this picture with the caption “Love is a Result. We bare an Unbearable Human Inability: to just ‘be.” and what people don’t realize this is a screen grab from “You & I” that she will be releasing on her 1000 tweet on twitter. You can tell by the 16:9 resolution and her alter ego coming out the piano. But all I can say this music video is gonna be amazing!

Lady Gaga VMA PROMO!



There are these two sneak peeks floating around of our wifey’s promo for the MTV Video Music Awards. You can’t see her magnificent face, but you can see her bloody hand and coffin about to be engulfed in flames.

So any guesses on what she plan’s on doing? leave it in the comment’s below!

GaGa Mobile

Talk about a Hot Wheel! This is a costume car a lil monster got to honor his mother monster and it’s DOPE!



Emma Watson Harry Potter Premiere


Nobody hearts Emma Watson more than we do.

So we’re bummed the actress ended up her Harry Potter red carpet tour with a less-than-fabulous finale—wearing a funky amber Bottega Veneta gown that looks like an invisibility cloak wrapped around her waist.

“I just felt like New York is such a fashion capital and that I could push the envelope a little bit and kind of go for it,” Emma explained “I kind of went safe, classic with London, and with New York I wanted to go edgier. I’ve never seen a dress like this…it felt so dramatic.”

Hey, every great fashionista takes risks and fails sometimes, right?

Lady Gaga never had fails! Now this dress could have had some potential, take the loose of the hanging fabric and tighten it and not leave it loose gossie! and then cut of the big poof around the waist and lower it to the knee and sow it at the knee level, and shape it in a “V” on the side and then leave the train.

AND TADA WORSE dress ever is now a beautiful dress! ( if you don’t know what I’m talking about check this)

Cher Lloyd A Swagger Jacker!

Is Cher Lloyd a copy cat because her new song “Swagger Jagger” tittle sounds like “Moves Like Jagger and then the instrumental sound’s like 2ne1 “Im the best” and they relesased their song awhile ago what do you think???

Selena Gomez Beat’s The Beb’s

We hope Justin Bieber is man enough not to feel threatened by this…

His girlfriend, Selena Gomez, recently surpassed him on Billboard’s Social 50 list, coming in up top and leaving him behind at #2.

Social 50 is a chart that ranks active artists on leading social networking sites. Think YouTube, Twitter, Facebook…you get it.

With Selena’s When the Sun Goes Down album and her movie, Monte Carlo, hot in promos right now, it’s no wonder how she beat The Biebs.

Also on the list are stars like Lady Gaga (#4), Katy Perry (#6) andBeyonce (#9).

She deserves every good thing that comes her way.

Lady Gaga Is Now A Queen!

She had some fierce competition, but the Mother Monster has been dubbed the reigning Queen Of Pop.

After careful scrutiny of the many faces that make up being an ultimate pop diva, Rolling Stone has announced that this generation’s Queen of Pop is none other than Lady GaGa.

Yes, Beyonce might have more Grammys (6 to 4) and Taylor Swiftmight’ve sold more albums (9.8mil to 7.1) and Rihanna might have more YouTube hits (1,248,054,624! ), but GaGaloo has them beat with not only holding a high rankings in each of those categories, but having the highest total airplay ranking of the last 3 years, the best performance on the Billboard Top 100, the highest grossing digital sales AND the most combined followers on Facebook and Twitter.

The facts don’t lie. She’s paid her dues. She’s changed the world. All hail our QUEEN!!! Once MJ NOW GAGA because soon she will be a King to!

Lady Gaga Blue Armpit Hair and Pubic Hair


Not only were the MuchMusic Awards full of great musicians, Lady Gaga’s blue armpit hair made a special appearance. Yes, blue hair under her arms. Actually, it was more of a bright shade of turquoise than blue and matched the hair on her head.

But that is not all. Lady Gaga took it one step further and added a patch of turquoise hair to her costume in a very strategically placed spot. During her performance of “Born This Way,” the singer revealed her patch of turquoise hair to resemble pubic hair.

Just when fans thought Lady Gaga could not shock anyone further, she clearly has. Not only with her bright blue wig, but under her arms and between her legs.

According gaga the 25-year-old singer has revealed that she, in fact, is going bald. Due to her constant dying of her hair and use of extensions, her hair is thinning rather prematurely. Hair loss is not uncommon in women, but it does not usually happen so early in life.

Lady Gaga went on to receive the award for Best International Artist. Somewhat reserved, she dedicated the award to Clarence Clemons with whom she collaborated on two songs off her new album. Clemons recently passed away after suffering a stroke. He was a legendary part of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band and a music icon.

Lady Gaga’s blue armpit hair was definitely not expected, but also not out of character for her. Her hair color changes like the wind and obviously so does hair on other parts of her body. Luckily, the turquoise hair appeared fake, meaning the singer did not dye hair on sensitive parts of her body.

Her styles have been known to set trends within hours of her appearances. Let’s just hope no one thinks it is a good idea to use harsh dye on sensitive body parts.

This is dangerous and can cause burns and skin irritation. Follow her lead and paste a little clump of “faux” colored hair where desired.