Britney Burn’s Down Femme Fatale!

Britney Spears has made her own mash up song of Madonna’sBurning Up” and will be singing it for her grand entrance to me it’s just NOT her.



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Are Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Back On?

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron

So you might be wondering ‘what is Zanessa?’ because Efron and Hudgens broke up — exclamation point. But I’m sure you too have probably hung on to a little piece of their love in hopes that they’d rekindle their relationship — or maybe not, let’s be honest. Well, it seems that the flame may have been relit, because Zac got spotted heading over to Vanessa’s house. Yep, yep. They just couldn’t stay away from each other. The proof — aka the photos — show ZE pulling into VH‘s driveway in his black Audi. So what do you think was the purpose for this rendez-vous? Do you really think they’re getting back together?



Perhaps the couple was meeting up for a much-needed discussion, or, and we hate to say it, maybe Zac could have been picking up some of his things from Vanessa’s house.

Or maybe they were talking about getting back together! Do you think there’s a chance Zac and Vanessa will reunite as a couple? But keep in mind it all really depends on how long he was their? And how fast he drove off? If he was their awhile maybe something was up and they were talking, and if he stayed a lil bit he could just been getting his things. If he drove of fast then bad news drove off normal then every things just fine but who am I to say.

So be sure to hit the comment section below letting us know at TOT if you think the couple is back together or what?


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Pumpkins that win over all! and are f****** awesome!


You know your obsessed when your making a pumpkin carving of a man with fangs!

Tiki Tiki WAWA!

2.15saf+451ds2d=21dsd SHUT UP!

#1 please! Side of pumpkin pie!

It’sa me Mario! on Da Pumpkin!

ET Loves Pumpkin!

Ill eat you and terminate you!

Like my Big thick long trunk?

You steer my wheel.



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Justin Bieber and Kanye Finished and Soon Released!

Justin and Kanye have finished their much-talked-about via twitter collaboration. The collabo, which is a remix of Justin’s song “Runaway Love” was worked out by Kanye and Raekwon just days after the whole idea came about.

According to an MTV report, Rae says that while recording, “Kanye was just being Kanye. The energy in the room was…speaking for itself.” Apparently a bunch of celebs were on hand as well. Mos Def, Charlie Wilson, and even Akon were there. Are you excited to get a listen to the “Runaway Love” remix? Let us know right here! But do have to add maybe this year Kanye will get mad if JB don’t when this year at the VMA’s and intrude on yet another speech And as always, thanks for always coming back to for your entertainment news. For exclusives you’ll only find on here, check us out at . I’m Tyler Farris – see you next time!

Thanks For Everything

Today marks a day to were I’m proud to say in one week I have hit over 1000 views and this means a lot that I’m getting views even tho I haven’t posted a blog yet that day. Before I wouldn’t get no views till I blogged but hey guess it’s time and word is spreading about my site

So thanks to everyone and please keep spreading the word about my blog it’s easy as one little click man I can’t believe my blog is such a success right now.

The only reason why it’s such a success is because of you guy’s but thanks once again and I do have big plans for my blog big big plans.

The Beb’s Hacked


HAHA! calm you little girls it all okay!

yes the Beb’s has been hacked on his main youtube but it is alright he is in the process of regaining control of his youtube.

And actually their is a video of girls cry over this really what the Fudge!

Girls it’s one guy one person dang you beb fans are CRAZY!

I love me some Gaga but DANG she got hacked I wouldn’t make a video of my crying and running mascara down my face!

But the beb’s youtube will be back up as soon as possible and he says no need to fear he doesn’t let these haters get him down!