Mila Kunis Used A Butt Double In Friends With Benefits!


To all of you who were looking forward to seein’ Mila Kunis’ booty for real in Friends With Benefits: we have some bad news.

She used a butt-double!

She says:

‘I showed side boob and I figured I can’t just give everything all away at once. I gotta let it all out in little pieces here and there.’

Also, in usual hilarious fashion, Justin Timberlake had the best reaction to hearing about Mila’s role:

‘I wasn’t begging [to be naked]. When I found out Mila was going to be naked, I was really sort of like, ‘Ewww, gross.’

‘But I guess if that’s what it takes to make the movie, then I’ll do it.’

Such a hero for the ages!

Well, your butt or not your butt, Mila, the movie still looks like it’s full of sex!

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Demi and Selena Fight It out!

For those of you wondering about a possible Demi-Selena collaboration, we’ve got the answer on that right here.

The Official Tyler Blog Team is back in action. Hey guys, Thanks for stopping by today. Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are both busy at work on music these days. So will they collaborate on either of each others upcoming albums? That’s what the fans are dying to know.

And MTV got the answer straight from Dem, who was asked if she’d be appearing on Selena’s G’s next release. Demi said, “No! It’s not true.” She added that she “thinks Selena is already finished with her album,” but that other artists like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus are said to be on a few tracks.

So will the bff’s ever work together again? Demi says she doesn’t know. So now we’re asking you guys if you’d like to hear a Demi-Selena song. Let us know here. And for more music news that you’ll find here, stick with us and follow @Official_Tyler on twitter.

Demi Turns 18

And to begin the 18th b-day party she woke up and tweeted!

I don’t no what it is like to be 18 but to soon be 16 :) but check some pictures out from the party!


Kelly Clarkson Because Of You Cover and WHY?

I sung this song for many reasons one is that this song I can relate to what she is singing and saying in this song, but also I sung this because of my family they wanted to hear me sing and I can’t sing without some music in the background so tada. But this is for them and I hope they listen and if you like it please tweet this and if you hate it tell me why, if it’s because I suck tell me how to improve. Because singing is a way to let someone know who you are and everything from A-Z so enjoy! Love you!

Bethenny Gave Up!?

You may or may not have been watching the hit show on Bravo “The Housewives of New York” but like every Housewives theirs always drama like no other.

But just like the star Dina Bethenny is also quite so it has been told. She is also sick of the drama on the show and just want’s it to stop.

So is she pulling the Dina she saw were Dina quite so she wanted to follow on the bandwagon or is this her own choice?

But either way you see it were loosing the one’s we love on the show I loved Dina and then she left.

Honestly I don’t care if Bethenny goes or stay’s I only watch “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and I didn’t know what it was till I got hooked on watching Dina.

To be real here if your gonna be on a show you gotta stick to it and not pull out because of drama you can choose to stop the drama. Dina was trying but now with Bethenny I didn’t really see her trying to stop the drama she was in or created for herself.

But it is still in question or if Bethenny will quite the show or not but in a statement she made kinda what Dina.

“I might be quieting the show because I am tired of all the drama.”

So what is your opinion of this take you happy about it, sad, or you just don’t care? And you think it’s stupid that these people are gonna quite because knowing their is gonna be drama always no offense Dina! but leave your comment below!

Dear Journal (Friends)

Dear Journal entry number 2 June 9th 2010

Well so it seems that when your moving and you say goodbye to your friends that really means goodbye not oh ill see you soon. Because if you read my last journal entry I was trying to decided to stay or go and move. Well I picked move because it gives me a chance to start my dreams and get them on the go and get started.

But here’s the problem I’m having my friends has begged and cried over me staying but I told them that ill hang which each one over the summer before I go and they said “Okay that’s fine better then not seeing you at all.” But I planed on visiting every other weekend when I got my car and stuff.

But I been planing out days to spend with each friend I have confirmed it with them and when the day comes it is “I’m sorry I forgot” “Oh that was today” and most popular ignoring me the day before and that day making me waste my time and breath.

Guess when your moving and your friends think they will never see you again they change and soon you learn who your true friends are. I know I can still count on my one true friend Hannah she’s asked me to do something with her not me ask her so I know she’s real.

Friends come and go and when your moving you really know who your friends are but I’m not saying any names on who they are they know who they are and what their doing. You have friends like this or been threw this??? Leave me a comment below!

Tyler Farris

Dear Journal

As many of my friends know I’m moving and I will be leaving my hometown, state, friends, and family and wont be back till every once in awhile. I have two days with my friends till school is out and it’s all over and I cant visit till every other week or mouth whatever you wanna say. And it sucks because this year my friends have need me more then ever and when I’m gone how I post to help them? When I get with my friends everything changes I laugh and go on like crazy and their the ones I go to when I’m sad. In it seems like tonight all the sad songs are playing and it sucks and my friends are struggling with me leaving their self. Also for some reason it seems like this song is the only on that is making me somewhat happy tonight in this sad time I’m going threw.

This song is what I’m feeling because I need a wishing star to keep me here but still allow my dreams to come true! Because when I move I have a better chance of my dreams becoming a success and here they will never become nothing. So I’m on a teeter tater stay in be with friends and dreams fail or move in have no friends make new ones and have dream made.

So ugh this is so confusing and I really don’t know what to do I am going but the thing is if I stay I can stay with my Mamaw, Dad, or My Mom’s mom. I love my Dad but we don’t get along to well, could stay with my Mamaw I love her to DEATH but she’s getting to old to care and take care of me, my mom’s mom H!! NO! she is to on her menopause and gezz I can’t handle that!

So I have no clue but more in likely ill go and move off but it will suck saying goodbye Friday at school but I will miss then to death but I wish them luck and much love!

Love Tyler









*and many more!