Surprise! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 Breaks IMAX Records


The Biggest Movie EVER strikes again!

In case you haven’t heard, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 has been breaking box office records left and right.

All told, the film has earned a remarkable $542.5 million worldwide in just four days!

Now, Deathly Hallows — Part 2 can add one more record to its already impressive list: highest IMAX opening weekend!!

According to the giant screen distributor, the Potter film grossed a tremendous $15.2 million from domestic IMAX showings this weekend for a sizzling $55,000 per theater average. Internationally, the film picked up another $8 million on IMAX screens, giving it $23.2 million worldwide.

Congrats little wizards!


Pretty Little Liars RECAP “The Devil You Know”


last night’s episode of the show called “The Devil You Know,” was officially the best ep so far for season 2. To put it simply, the action on last night’s show took the adrenaline to tip-top levels. Ian’s death turns out to be a game changer that the ladies never saw coming. And despite their hatred for the guy, Spencer still rallies the ladies and her family to have a funeral for him, primarily because S thinks her sister really needs closure. However, after some hardcore detective work from Emily, the ladies learn that Ian’s suicide probably wasn’t a suicide at all. Em learns and shares with the girls that the suicide note was actually a compilation of text messages from A. Ian taking the blame for killing Allie does make Jason — her brother — feel better. He shares with Aria that he thought he could’ve been the one that killed her. He was super intoxicated the night Allie was murdered and when he awakens, he finds a note that reads “I know what you did” in his pocket. At the close of the episode, the girls receive a clue from A that has them returning to the cemetery where both Allie and Ian are buried. As they walk through the creepy darkness, a huge wall is illuminated by a projector screen showing the video of Ali and Ian — the same video the girls earlier thought depicted Allie being murdered. Except, this new version doesn’t stop when Ali falls. Instead, she gets up, kisses Ian and they walk on. So basically this means that Ian is not responsible for killing Ali and everything they thought to be true is not true. This is a total game changer. Other notable moments include Hanna and Caleb reuniting — and yes, they totally make up. It also seems like something could be brewing with Aria and Jason, especially since Ezra isn’t exactly following through with his promise to be more open about their relationship. IN a very unexpected moment, we learn that Mike (Aria’s brother) has a serious problem — he’s become a burglar. No joke, he totally is breaking, entering and stealing stuff from everyone is Rosewood, and we have no clue why. Also, somehow Ian’s phone turned up in Spencer’s purse and Melissa knows about — and yes, this does imply that world war 3 is about to commence in the Hastings household. And guys, that’s about it for episode 5. Talk about crazy. So who in the world do you think killed Ali? Let us know in the comments section.

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Gleek OUT!

Hello Gleeks the latest news on the next season of Fox’s hit show Glee is just around the the block, and do you have a extra pair of clothes then you better put them on because your Glee News is NOW!

So the debut of season two is just around the block, and you know what that means? We’re about to start seeing all sorts of ads, and new photos of all of your favorite Gleek’s. If you remember last season’s ads, all the cast were doing the big L, looser sign over their foreheads.

Well this year, they’re throwing slushee’s for the ad. The new campaign which is branded with the tag-line Gleek Out! pictures all of the cast holding Slushees! Also to add that the TV and online ads will be be sporting the slushee ideo too. So are you happy about the way the new season is going and the direction their going in.

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Season 2 Vampire Diaries SNEEK PEEK

Hey guys, are you obsessed with Vampire Diaries if so you’re gonna love this little season 2 update. Video preview straight from the the cast and directors their self keep reading for all details right here!

Then of course, not too shocking is the part of Elena and Stefan on a bench together tho it is cut in this trailer. She looks to be taking a peek at a wound Stefan has on his stomach maybe a fight with another vamp or maybe Mr.Stefan has had a steak threw him?

And lastly, a very serious shot of our soon to be warewolf  Tyler. But is it me or is everything seem like it’s all twilight related? So maybe here in a few weeks we will spot come court papers thorn on someones desk?

I’m no fan of this show never seen it but if you think I should go out in buy me season 1 and watch season 2 leave a comment why I should and why at all.

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Maybe the end of The Hard Times Of Rj Berger it’s said the end is near for this show and this season is the last. Due to nasty trash talking and viewing on the show is not appropriate for the viewers of MTV. They will let the season keep going but after no more because it’s not a show for young viewers. Promoting sex and more so teen parents are not happy and is angry with MTV for showing this trash. Yea I do watch the show I agree with it no but it is funny but gotta say bye.

Mario To Get A Reality Show

The world famous Mario Lopez is soon to be a daddy by Courtney Mazza. You shocked me to but now he is being offered his own reality tv show!

His show will be all about being a daddy and like “The Real World” cameras follow him all day shooting footage of what the star does.

The name for the show is hush hush but when I found out you guys will know and find out also.

So will this star be ready to be a daddy guess we will have to wait till the show premiere’s but he does have the money to support the child. But will he give up his wild self and settle down and marry his baby momma?

Leave your opinion below letting me know what you think about this!