Tyler’s Advice Column #1


Dear Tyler,

I’m 18 and for the past three years i’ve been dating a man 3 years older than my dad and 6 years older than my mom. My parents dont know about it because i kept it a secret but im ready to tell them because he’s ready to meet my family and he says he wants to get engaged. His sister knows about me and she’s not happy about the age difference and claims im with him for his money and a father figure which is untrue because my parents have been married for 20 years and my dad has always been in my life (my boyfriend is 55 ).



I must say I don’t have much against huge age differences age is just a number, as I prefer to older myself. However, that age gap is big enough to make any parent upset. He’s almost 40 years older than you. If you were a parent how would you react to your child telling you something like that? & you’ve been dating him since you were 15…clearly there is something wrong with a 52 year old dating a 15 year old. I really don’t know what else to say as this age difference is rather pushing it.

but I’ll leave you with: Life is short. Do what makes you happy and if you love him and he’s not using you or a perv go for it and your 18 and if they don’t accept think about moving in together. Family should love and accept love the way it is and not the way it’s being seen as in the past.


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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Lady Gaga

I never understood what “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy was but now I do and it’s wrong and watch this video if you believe it is wrong!

Demi Turns 18

And to begin the 18th b-day party she woke up and tweeted!

I don’t no what it is like to be 18 but to soon be 16 :) but check some pictures out from the party!


Kelly Clarkson Because Of You Cover and WHY?

I sung this song for many reasons one is that this song I can relate to what she is singing and saying in this song, but also I sung this because of my family they wanted to hear me sing and I can’t sing without some music in the background so tada. But this is for them and I hope they listen and if you like it please tweet this and if you hate it tell me why, if it’s because I suck tell me how to improve. Because singing is a way to let someone know who you are and everything from A-Z so enjoy! Love you!

Weird Or AWESOME! #2

This is both Weird & AWESOME! I thought at first this was faker then fake but you look closer it’s more real then I thought but I’m blown away by this. Guess you never know what you might find in the wood’s maybe someone died their in the women is trying to send a sign who knows.Leave me a comment and your thoughts below!

The Hills SAY BYE!

Tuesday night “The Hills” said goodbye forever and I never watched the show never saw the point in it but I guess if you like drama and preps and jerks this was the perfect show for you! 🙂

Yes I have the show a chance but that chance went bye bye like the show.

But after the show they had the cast come back for their last tv day view and the creator of the show appeared at the finale. But why wasn’t she on the show I know is I created a show I better be in it!’

What is your opinion of the show and will you miss it and will you think someone will get a spin off?


Carrie’s wedding dress!

This is post to be the dress Carrie Underwood is post to be wearing on the big day and look hot in.

This dress is not a dress for some girls but I think Carrie will be able to pull this look hot and make her Fiance cry.

Because we all know Carrie is a really beautiful girl and deserves and amazing day because she is more then a singer. She has heart and soul in her heart is so warming that she deserves this day.

So what do you think about her rumored to be dressed do you like it or no???


I think it isn’t to pretty but the right girl like Carrie can pull it off and A’c it!

Results will be announced next Thursday!

/But congrats Carrie on the wedding and a post on the wedding tomorrow 7/11/2010

Bethenny Gave Up!?

You may or may not have been watching the hit show on Bravo “The Housewives of New York” but like every Housewives theirs always drama like no other.

But just like the star Dina Bethenny is also quite so it has been told. She is also sick of the drama on the show and just want’s it to stop.

So is she pulling the Dina she saw were Dina quite so she wanted to follow on the bandwagon or is this her own choice?

But either way you see it were loosing the one’s we love on the show I loved Dina and then she left.

Honestly I don’t care if Bethenny goes or stay’s I only watch “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and I didn’t know what it was till I got hooked on watching Dina.

To be real here if your gonna be on a show you gotta stick to it and not pull out because of drama you can choose to stop the drama. Dina was trying but now with Bethenny I didn’t really see her trying to stop the drama she was in or created for herself.

But it is still in question or if Bethenny will quite the show or not but in a statement she made kinda what Dina.

“I might be quieting the show because I am tired of all the drama.”

So what is your opinion of this take you happy about it, sad, or you just don’t care? And you think it’s stupid that these people are gonna quite because knowing their is gonna be drama always no offense Dina! but leave your comment below!