FIRST LOOK “Resident Evil: Retribution”

This fall need’s to get here ASAP not September 14  but NOW! I can’t wait to see this movie in IMAX so to hold all RE fans over I have your first look at the new POSTER (is in Spanish ONLY version I could find) and screen shot’s and I am very interested to see who this girl in the red dress is. If your a fan you will remember from the first movie she “ALICE” wore a red dress hmmm suspension rising! I just hope they remember this is a ZOMBIE movie not a war movie against human’s see like their will be alot of fighting but not really against the zombie’s but I wont judge until we see the movie then I will decided!

BUT WAIT I HAVE MORE the OFFICIAL TRAILER!!! Now the trailer just started out as WTF what is this Desperate Housewives? But lead’s into the story of what started it but leave’s you questioning who the **** is this lil girl and were has see been. So guess we shall have to wait 😦 ENJOY!


Surprise! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 Breaks IMAX Records


The Biggest Movie EVER strikes again!

In case you haven’t heard, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 has been breaking box office records left and right.

All told, the film has earned a remarkable $542.5 million worldwide in just four days!

Now, Deathly Hallows — Part 2 can add one more record to its already impressive list: highest IMAX opening weekend!!

According to the giant screen distributor, the Potter film grossed a tremendous $15.2 million from domestic IMAX showings this weekend for a sizzling $55,000 per theater average. Internationally, the film picked up another $8 million on IMAX screens, giving it $23.2 million worldwide.

Congrats little wizards!

Stephen King’s Dark Tower TO FAIL?


RIP The Dark Tower… For Now

This is definitely not the kind of news you’d want to hear at any hour, but we have to tell you regardless so you aren’t stuck waiting for something that may never happen.

Remember that amazing idea that Ron Howard had for an adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series? The one that had Javier Bardem lined up to play the lead in 3 movies and a 2 season TV series? You know, the raddest idea that Hollywood has had in a long time?

We just got word that Universal has pulled the plug on it.

Why? Because putting money into something that deserves it instead of shoddy remakes and sequels is “risky.”

Yet, after being announced with great fanfare last Fall, “The Dark Tower” ran up against a very different corporate culture after Comcast took over the studio in January.

More so than ex-corporate parent General Electric, Comcast leans toward the frugal, and the very expensive “Dark Tower” clearly left the people who control the purse strings uncomfortable.

That temporary delay became permanent this week, and now deprives Universal of a film series that it had hoped would become a linchpin for its film slate for years to come.

The studio declined to comment.

We’re pretty upset over this. Let’s hope that Imagine Entertainment, Howard and Grazer’s production company, can find a new home for it at a different studio — and that Universal learns its lesson the hard way by losing those who made millions of dollars in box-office revenue for them with American Gangster and A Beautiful Mind.

Oh Gnomeo, Oh Juliet

Gnomeo & Juliet

Gnomeo & Juliet is a CG-animated send-up of the William Shakespeare tale of star-crossed lovers that’s set in the world of … plaster garden gnomes. And it’s chock full of songs by Elton John, who also executive produced the film. Bear with me. It’s not as bad as it sounds.

Set in Shakespeare’s birthplace of Stratford-Upon-Avon, this 3D film directed by Shrek 2’s Kelly Asbury follows feuding neighbors Mr. Capulet (voiced by Richard Wilson) and Miss Montague (voiced by Julie Walters), whose rivalry has even extended to their respective garden gnomes (with one set colored red and the other blue). But can a forbidden romance between a Red (Juliet, voiced by Emily Blunt) and a Blue (Gnomeo, voice of James McAvoy) bring the two sides together and end the feud (as well as rewrite the grim end of Shakespeare’s original)?

The voice cast also includes Michael Caine as Juliet’s father Lord Redbrick, Jason Statham as Gnomeo’s nemesis Tybalt, Maggie Smith as Lady Bluebury, Patrick Stewart as Bill Shakespeare,Ashley Jensen as Juliet’s confidante Nanette, Stephen Merchant as Paris, Matt Lucas as Gnomeo’s pal Benny, and Jim Cummings as the plastic pink flamingo Featherstone.

Like most people, I didn’t think much at all when they first heard of Gnomeo & Juliet. But it turns out it’s less like Hoodwinked! and more like this year’s Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, another toon with low expectations that turned out to be a pleasant surprise. It could become the next Shrek-size franchise (and with the potential of increasingly charmless sequels); of course, unless it finds an audience it will be the new Igor.

Gnomeo & Juliet has surprisingly racy undertones for a G-rated movie (the gnome hats are obvious fodder), which means there’s plenty of subtext here for adults to enjoy even as the kids are amused by what’s on the surface. There’s also the bevy of classic Elton John tunes that have been reworked for the film, which adults will know and kids will likely discover here (perhaps they only know him as the guy who sang songs for 1990s Disney cartoons). Overall, this is pretty much Kitsch: The Motion Picture.

The goofy and whimsical Gnomeo & Juliet may have a thin premise to it, but so did a certain animated movie about toys that come to life. (No, not Small Soldiers.) While the gimmick of sending up Shakespeare may be lost on kids — who will enjoy the movie’s colorful palette, silly characters and overall cuteness — older and more literate viewers will appreciate the satirical bits peppered throughout the film.


I give it 10 Nome’s out of 10 because they pay so much attention to detail and most movies today don’t! they kept in mind Nome’s their “GLASS” and when ever Gnomeo or Juilet touched or one of the Nome’s put their hand on their hip or something they would have the glass clicking nose in and that showed they kept the small detail they didn’t have to add but did and I love movies that pay attention to that, because when glass touch glass they make a clinking sound and also they make this movie for all ages and over all 10! So go watch this movie and tell me your thoughts and opinions!


I have never liked Harry Potter but it’s now dawn on me how amazing these movies are, I seen all but this one and last nigh/t “Half Blood Prince” witch I have no clue why it’s called that. I know it was Snap’s book but still why not “Harry Potter and The Revenge Of Snap” Just saying but guess they know more then I know. But my over all review it is something you will want to get on DVD or rent the action could been more intense, but overall it has that magic and that on edge of seat moment’s and one sad crying moment. But to top this movie of is HP7 part1 that came out today 11/19/10 and billions are going and dressing up as their favorite character potter, snap, and or the witch.




Sorority Row was a interesting drama filled movie and you have to remember your eye’s are always looking 😉 if you know what I mean. The girl’s keep a secret and let’s just saw the past comes back to haunt them secrets are no one’s friend witch is kinda the meaning of the movie.  Opinion go see it has the Drama, Horror, Thriller, and some romance by some just kissing. So go see this if your looking for hot girls screaming and running or if you need a lesson’s in secrets.





HAHA! Loved this movie but the 1st was better but no 2nd movie is right? But this movie so does that comedy that you need if your watching horror and you need a happy movie. You will get up and buggy woggy woggy! and did I say singing too? well ya well “If you like it you better put a ring on it.” Never get over Beyonce but anyways go see this movie with the family but it is sad so if your afraid your kid’s will cry don’t. But go see it 😀





When the waves are flooding the shore ill remember you! Well I think that’s how it goes? But this movie is a roller coaster your happy, mad, sad, glad, mad, happy, sad and UGGGG! this movie is not for someone will little patience like me. But man is it worth the wait on watching the ending this movie is more sad then anything. SPOOLER this is my favorite quote “When I pass when the sun shines threw the window you know I’m their” OH SO SAD! SPOOLER OVER but overall I loved this movie touched my heart and I NEVER cry when watching a movie unless it’s a animal that died but this were a Human dies OMG BALLED! and I now know why it’s was called “The Last Song” 😦 just go check it out and have some tissues please!




Prince Of Persia ”  well if you seen it GOD you can take my own words from my mouth, Dang movie was so good but so dang GRRRRRR! First Destine was took in and made royal just without royal blood so then they lead right into action they go into battle it get’s the dagger and the princess hates but then loves him but in all end’s loves him even tho she doesn’t know him anymore. But just gotta say what made me the most mad is when she kept loosing the dagger and wanted to kiss him and it’s like for real! But honestly it is a good amazing movie that you and the family would love.





Absolutely AMAZING MOVIE something I would watch over and over and I even hate action but this is something worth watching. But in reality if a woman was pregnant and had to go threw the stress of almost dieing every second umm in real life you lose it. and Another that made me mad was that I thought well knew the dad had something to with it but another thing is he thought spencer was bad and tried killing his own daughter! But check it out haha to much to tell.





DUMB! Okay but DUMB!








Kept me on the edge of my seat but also another DUMB MOVIE! and the characters were stupid ESCAPE: Get to safety quietly. And then terry the colored dude rim’s up his loud car and gave away their location, another they blocked the door with a drawer when they can pass threw wall’s dummies.






Charlie, played by Zac Efron, is a highly successful high schooler. He has just received a boating scholarship to his college of choice and his loving mother and younger brother, Sam (Charlie Tahan), support him in everything. Everything changes one night when Charlie and Sam are in a violent car crash, one that kills Sam and leaves Charlie flat-lined for a few moments. When Charlie miraculously comes to, though, he finds he can see Sam’s apparition. Thinking it is the ghost of his dead brother, Charlie makes a promise to meet Sam in the woods every day at the same time so neither of them are forced to face life or afterlife alone.

Five years pass, and Charlie, honoring the promise he made, stays grounded to his hometown and connected to his long-lost brother by the guilt inside him. It isn’t until a girl from Charlie’s past comes back into his life that the possibilities of breaking away from the ghostly image comes to the forefront of Charlie’s head. Once that happens, though, Charlie finds himself torn between the promise of a life and the promise he once made to the dead.

But go check this amazing movie out you will cry!


back in action with you guys today breaking down the latest on two of our favorite guys, Jaden Smith and the Biebs. Now, a while back we reported that Justin had invited Jaden, who you guys all know from the new Karate Kid movie, to perform at Madison Square Garden with him.

The show was great, but what went down afterwards is what really has everyone talking. The duo and some pals hit up Strike Lanes and Lounge in New York, and an all-out dance-battle ensued. There are some super blurry pictures of the two J’s dancing it out and on-lookers say it was a tough competition, but in the end Justin’s killer moonwalk sealed the deal.

But here’s the deal everyone, was this dance battle for real or was it just some pre-planned fun for Justin’s new movie? The film crew was reportedly also on the scene catching the whole jam-out session. Do these two famous dudes really have impromptu dance-offs in their free time? Let us know what you think.

And for more news on Jaden Smith, Justin Bieber, and a whole lot more, make sure you RSS to the right of the cupcake.

Robert Pattinson’s New Movie

The sexy vampire Robert Pattinson was spotted it a fancy suite on a smoke break from the film he is wearing a pear of slick black dressy pants with black overhaul straps attached, also with a white button up shirt, including a slick hairdo so no more Robert hair he has finally tamed it girls. But maybe he’s gonna be a James Bond! YAH GIRLS you would loveee that!

No one knows the name of the movie he is filming yet but as soon as I know you will know. So enjoy these pictures of Mr.Pattinson himself.

And may I add it’s so wired seeing Robert smoke and I have no clue why.


Resident Evil: Afterlife Movie Trailer 2 [HD]

Will this be a movie a movie you check out or not at all it will be mine and top of my list I have seen the first one and since then I was hoping for a second. Be looking for it on September 10, 2010 two days after my b-day 🙂

Amanda Fired?

It has been reported that instead of Amanda retiring she has been fired from acting instead.

She was gonna be staring in a up coming movie and due to some bad behavior from the star the director fired her.

No quote or anything has been said to back this up or if she really did do some bad behavior or she did retire from acting.

But it is indeed confirmed she was gonna play in a up coming movie.

So maybe this star just got sick of all the crap from the director and the pushy people in the acting business and just quite and retired.

Who knows maybe she just wants a break from the paparazzi maybe she just needs a break?

But whatever it was that caused Amanda to quite acting and go into retire it had to be something big and major. Because this is a life she loved and she was set for life.

What is your take on this I wanna know your thoughts and opinions LEAVE COMMENT BELOW!

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