Kristen Stewart’s House

I have no clue about you but I always wanted to see Ms.Stewart’s how and so I have it’s not what I expected to be honest. It is tho worth $6Million and her Net Worth is $55Million so make’s since she only spent $6million but I expect at least $17Million! But show’s she’s responsible with her money and she will get it back when she sell’s it MAYBE MORE! he bare feet touched the floor! so I assume it goes up to $100Million am I right?


Kristein Stewart Princesse’s Worrier!



Mirror, mirror on the wall, give us a Snow White who’s not a damsel at all.

The photos unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con during Saturday’s “Snow White and the Huntsman” panel have finally hit the web, and now the world can see Kristen Stewart decked out in a full suit of armor. Anyone worried that this movie would be confused with Lily Collins’ “Snow White” should be able to see how different they are based on the photos released this week.

The rest of the cast of characters in the movie might be more what fans expected, but fortunately Kristen has surprised us with how badass her fairest-of-them-all princess actually is.

Chris Hemsworth isnt the huntsman we remember from the “Snow White” Disney cartoon, which has us really looking forward to the anticipated romance that will bloom between him and KStew. At yesterday’s panel, he joked about getting into costume for the role, saying it required “about four or five of hours of rolling around in the mud, four days of drinking” and for the clothes to be dug up “from the backyard in Australia.”

The huntsmen played by “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” star Sam Claflin, looks like he isn’t as sweet and wonderful as we remember either. Judging by his brooding, Jackson Rathbone-esque facial expression and the antagonistic way he is holding his sword, maybe he will end up being more bad than good.

But coming in exactly as we expected her to look was Snow White’s evil stepmother, played by Charlize Theron. That dagger isn’t especially subtle as a threat to our damsel-turned-warrior, but Charlize said that there is still more to her character than meets the eye. “This, as a fable, she sort of just starts off as a bad person, so it was important to understand [why she is the way she is],” she explained about her character. “A lot of her circumstances will kind of bleed into her actions … She’s a serial killer; I’m pretty much preparing to play a serial killer.”

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What The Breaking Dawn Cast Really Thought About The Kiss

May or may not remember the famous man on man kiss shared between Robert and Taylor but what I want to know is what the cast thought so check it below!

So will Jackson Rathbone get his wish a “Best Man on Man Kiss” for next year or will he not?? But I am sure they will be nominated so don’t worry Jackson.  And look’s like Taylor and Rob have a run for their money between Luts and Petter!

So who would win?

R Pattinson and K Stewart Fake Breaking Dawn Sex Scene HUH?!

Ever since footage of Robert Pattinson giving it good to Kristen Stewart appeared in the trailer of their upcoming movie, Breaking Dawn, many were more than a little shocked to see the actor’s apparently ripped, MUSCULAR back and arms pretty much crushing the headboard of the bed with his passion!

So much so, in fact, that we must ask yourself is RPatz using a body double in this scene Maybe even K. Stewart?!

Check out the side-by-side comparison of his bod (above)!

What do U think?? Is that really RPattionson getting his thing on? And is that indeed KS?

Because RP is looking toned and KS seems to be loving it?

And look closely she has he knee up to her chest almost must be doing downward dogie style!

White+Snow= Snow White

Kristen Stewart at Hollywood Life Magazine’s 7...

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Kristen Stewart will be playing Snow white in a remake of the old “Snow White” but this one will be more dark like the remake of “Red Riding Hood” staring Amanda Seyfried. So will KS make a good “Snow White” or will she flunk? Snow White is a calm with a shy state to her and K. Stewart does as well is it a perfect match or do you think someone like Linsey Lohan would have done better?

All we know about the movie so far is… “A huntsman is ordered to take Snow White into the woods and kill her but instead he chooses to let her go and the two are evidently chained together for part of the movie as they make their escape.”



Rupert Sanders


Evan Daugherty (screenplay)


But right now the movie is in Post-Production and has not been set to film due to the Actors busy scheduled with the filming of “Breaking Dawn” that set’s to release this November 2011 part 1 and then next year Part 2 of the Saga.
But the question is would K. Stewart be a good Snow white I believe she would be amazing and for the movie for the little details we got do you think it will be worth spending a few dollars to watch? Leave the comment below and see you next time!


Check out these Twilight Saga Girl’s all showing their sexy side on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine! Also inside of the magazine their rocking a cover spread in the magazine all wearing red some in purple.

But if you look closely you notice  were the heck is Kristen Stewart at and why is she not their posing with the rest of the Eclipse girls? Maybe due to a not able to make it out to the shot, busy for the next movie breaking dawn?

Who knows so what is your opinion on were K. Stewart is and what you think of this sexy photo shot?

Fun Day With Taylor L. and Kristen S.

In a recent free day you see Taylor and Kristen hanging out and going on the “OZ jet boating” the two look like their having a blast together. But the question is were is Rob P? All his fans are wondering were the heck he is no one really knows but I can assure you it’s not to go cheat (so a certain blog said). He is probably just filming his part in breaking dawn and hanging on set who knows or maybe doing a photo shoot?

So what is your opinion on the where bouts he is???