Lady Gaga “You & I” VIDEO PREMIERE!

Finally got our old Lady Gaga back crazy video’s CRAZY outfit’s a pure gaga orgasm! I was lil scared for this video because I didn’t see how it could be turned into a music video, or even look good in video form!

But gaga you WOW! us again! And their is most def something about you and your Lil Monster’s! LoVe you Gaga keep it up!


Sugarland, Sara Bareilles Tweet Their Condolences After Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse

Five people are dead and dozens were injured after a stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair just before the country band Sugarland was to perform on Saturday night. Inclement weather, namely high winds, are believed to be the cause of the collapse.

Now, Sugarland is speaking out about the tragic incident.

Shortly after the stage collapse, the band took to their Twitter account to update their fans.

“We are all right,” Sugarland tweeted. “We are praying for our fans, and the people of Indianapolis. We hope you’ll join us. They need your strength.” (BUT fails to say anything about the people who lost their life’s! HER FANS! You need to say those who were injured and killed)

Sara Bareilles, the concert’s opening act, performed before the severe weather caused the stage to collapse.

“I’m speechless and feel so helpless,” Bareilles tweeted that night. “Please send love and prayers to Indianapolis tonight. My heart aches for the lives lost.” (this is what you say SUGARLOSER)

Today, Bareilles apologized to fans in Iowa after canceling their show, writing, “Our apologies and gratitude to the people of Iowa for understanding our absence tonight from the scheduled show. We’ll hope to see you soon.”

My heart does go out to friend’s and family’s that have lost someone close to them. As well those who got hurt we will be praying here at TylerOMG!

Zac Efron EXPOSED!

This has our head’s twirling and spinning out of control majorly some girl’s are gity some are sadden and same with some guy’s. This photo was released ALL around the internet last night and hit Twitter like a hurricane in the trendding topic’s. This one photo has ous wondering is it real or a total fake? Find that out after the jump!

But this put some hope in his fan’s that it’s fake, but some are still not sure their are a lot of differences from both pic’s. Skin tone, hair is not the same on the side their is a loose hair as well as the top poof few loose hair and in the original their’s NONE, nose is curved and other it’s down more, the mole is gone, and the eyebrow is curved in the original and in the “Fake” it’s down.

Maybe someone did pay a lot of attention to detail to make them look different but they bothered with the reflection as well. Someone was not lying when they posted this or they have a lot of time of their hand’s to make this photo.

Last night let me tell you some of the tweet’s that were said I laughed.

“OMG! his penis is so small”

“wow I would have thought it would be bigger, now I know why Vanessa broke up! lol”

“LEAVE ZAC ALONE!” -AKA leave Brittany alone

“ha girlz dig his S**** I got 7X on him”


So is it a fake a hocks real? or what! leave your opinions below!


This is the image going around UNCENSORED!!!! WARNING!

Hilary Duff Pregnant and Not For a Movie!

Well she just made an announcement on her website about her anniversary… and that she’s expecting a little Duffster!

I can’t believe it has already been a year, time really flies when you’re having fun! We also want to share the exciting news that…… BABY MAKES THREE!!!

We are extremely happy and ready to start this new chapter of our lives.

Thanks to everyone for the continued love and support throughout the years!

This is so amazing to grow up watching her on Disney and now to see her with a baby! Were does time truly go but I’m so happy for the soon to be mommy congratulation’s!


Lady Gaga posted this picture with the caption “Love is a Result. We bare an Unbearable Human Inability: to just ‘be.” and what people don’t realize this is a screen grab from “You & I” that she will be releasing on her 1000 tweet on twitter. You can tell by the 16:9 resolution and her alter ego coming out the piano. But all I can say this music video is gonna be amazing!

David and Victoria Take Baby Photos!



The apple really don’t fall far from the tree for David and Victoria Beckham’s daughter, Harper Seven – the newborn seems to have acquired her famous parents’ good looks!

David, 36, debuted the couple’s 1-week-old baby girl on Sunday by posting a black and white photo of his stunning wife asleep with baby Harper on her chest on his Facebook page.

“I took this picture of my two girls sleeping,” he wrote.

Victoria, 37, returned the favor by Tweeting a black and white picture of the proud papa cradling Harper — nearly nose-to-nose — with the caption, “Daddy’s little girl! X V B X”

Victoria also took to Twitter earlier this week to proclaim her love for her first daughter.

“Baby Harper is the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen,” she Tweeted on Thursday. “I have fallen in love all over again!!!”

So sweet and I congratulate them on the new baby!!

Chris Colfer Get’s The Axe From Glee Via Twitter??


Geesh! You think Ryan Murphy would have filled them in before making the announcement!

We were shocked to learn this morning that Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, and Chris Colfer would be cut from their smash series, Glee, when their characters graduate from McKinley High at the end of the upcoming third season, and apparently, so was the latter – because Colfer only found out by reading Twitter yesterday!

Colfer explains:

“Yesterday on Twitter. Yeah, I found out that they made that announcement. I didn’t necessarily know that it was going to be our last season next year, I knew something like that was coming up eventually. I mean, we can’t be there forever. I don’t necessarily want to leave so soon, but I mean, it’s fine. It’s what it is. And all things come to an end. As a performer, I feel so fulfilled. I have two Emmy nominations and just from hearing from people out in the world about how much the character has helped people. If it’s time for a conclusion, I’m fulfilled with it, and I’m fine with it.”

Not very cool!

The three of them are partly responsible for the initial success of the show, so we don’t understand why Ryan wouldn’t at least honor that and give them the decency of a head’s up before telling them they were essentially fired via the press!

Although we do think this switch up will give the show a much-needed sense of realism and consistency, it’s still such a shame to know that we will have to say good-bye at the end of next season!

Sigh! Best enjoy as much of them now while we still can!

Nicki Minaj Punched In The Face By A Man?

Note to men everywhere: if you f–k with Nicki Minaj, you’re leaving with your junk “hangin off.”

The raunchy rapper took to Twitter to shoot down reports of a nasty fistfight she supposedly had with a man at a Dallas hotel yesterday.

Per one report, Minaj supposedly told cops that the heated verbal argument turned physical when the dude struck her in the lip.

But Minaj now says no way it ever happened.

“The fact that u believe a man either slapped or punched me in the face & didn’t leave on stretcher w/his balls hangin off? #getaF%cknLife” she tweeted this morning.

Here’s the backstory:

A TMZ report had the rapper, whose cousin was gunned down last week in Brooklyn, lounging by the pool at the Palomar Hotel in Dallas when she got involved in a spat with a man who was there with her. It’s not clear who he was.

Apparently, Minaj told an employee at the hotel to call the cops after things got too heated. The unidentified man then went back to their hotel room, with Minaj following soon after.

When police got to the hotel, Minaj reportedly told them that the fight got even worse once inside the room with the man striking her in her lower lip. He was not in the room when cops got there and the report says Minaj refused to press charges.

Cops claimed an incident report was taken, but that no charges were filed.

Even though Minaj is currently in Texas as the opener for Britney Spears on her tour, she’s sticking to her denial.

“The media could pee on ur leg & tell u its raining,” she tweeted. “You’d believe it. you’d believe u were an adopted martian if TMZ told u so. #stopit5.”

I’d sure hate to mess with her!

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Demi Lovato-Skyscraper Full Song

Download this amazing new song #Skyscraper by Demi Link: