FIRST LOOK “Resident Evil: Retribution”

This fall need’s to get here ASAP not September 14  but NOW! I can’t wait to see this movie in IMAX so to hold all RE fans over I have your first look at the new POSTER (is in Spanish ONLY version I could find) and screen shot’s and I am very interested to see who this girl in the red dress is. If your a fan you will remember from the first movie she “ALICE” wore a red dress hmmm suspension rising! I just hope they remember this is a ZOMBIE movie not a war movie against human’s see like their will be alot of fighting but not really against the zombie’s but I wont judge until we see the movie then I will decided!

BUT WAIT I HAVE MORE the OFFICIAL TRAILER!!! Now the trailer just started out as WTF what is this Desperate Housewives? But lead’s into the story of what started it but leave’s you questioning who the **** is this lil girl and were has see been. So guess we shall have to wait 😦 ENJOY!


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