Zach Braff Come’s OUT


Earlier this Wednesday morning, anyone who looked at Zach Braff’s website was in for a surprise!

On his blog, a coming out letter was posted for the world to see.

The letter read:

“To all my loyal fans,

I have been hiding a secret inside me for too long. The human mind can only bare so much before it explodes in emotions, and well … it is time to let the world know. I am excited and proud to announce that I am an open member of the homosexual community.”

Who was the most surprised?

Zach Braff himself!

Apparently this was all the work of an elaborate hacker.

Really? Or is this a cop out from hearing all the bad stuff said from friend’s and family. Did the star go back in the closet or truly a hack?

Only he know’s but go ahead Hit the comment section below and share your thought’s!


Stephen King’s Dark Tower TO FAIL?


RIP The Dark Tower… For Now

This is definitely not the kind of news you’d want to hear at any hour, but we have to tell you regardless so you aren’t stuck waiting for something that may never happen.

Remember that amazing idea that Ron Howard had for an adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series? The one that had Javier Bardem lined up to play the lead in 3 movies and a 2 season TV series? You know, the raddest idea that Hollywood has had in a long time?

We just got word that Universal has pulled the plug on it.

Why? Because putting money into something that deserves it instead of shoddy remakes and sequels is “risky.”

Yet, after being announced with great fanfare last Fall, “The Dark Tower” ran up against a very different corporate culture after Comcast took over the studio in January.

More so than ex-corporate parent General Electric, Comcast leans toward the frugal, and the very expensive “Dark Tower” clearly left the people who control the purse strings uncomfortable.

That temporary delay became permanent this week, and now deprives Universal of a film series that it had hoped would become a linchpin for its film slate for years to come.

The studio declined to comment.

We’re pretty upset over this. Let’s hope that Imagine Entertainment, Howard and Grazer’s production company, can find a new home for it at a different studio — and that Universal learns its lesson the hard way by losing those who made millions of dollars in box-office revenue for them with American Gangster and A Beautiful Mind.

Chris Colfer Get’s The Axe From Glee Via Twitter??


Geesh! You think Ryan Murphy would have filled them in before making the announcement!

We were shocked to learn this morning that Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, and Chris Colfer would be cut from their smash series, Glee, when their characters graduate from McKinley High at the end of the upcoming third season, and apparently, so was the latter – because Colfer only found out by reading Twitter yesterday!

Colfer explains:

“Yesterday on Twitter. Yeah, I found out that they made that announcement. I didn’t necessarily know that it was going to be our last season next year, I knew something like that was coming up eventually. I mean, we can’t be there forever. I don’t necessarily want to leave so soon, but I mean, it’s fine. It’s what it is. And all things come to an end. As a performer, I feel so fulfilled. I have two Emmy nominations and just from hearing from people out in the world about how much the character has helped people. If it’s time for a conclusion, I’m fulfilled with it, and I’m fine with it.”

Not very cool!

The three of them are partly responsible for the initial success of the show, so we don’t understand why Ryan wouldn’t at least honor that and give them the decency of a head’s up before telling them they were essentially fired via the press!

Although we do think this switch up will give the show a much-needed sense of realism and consistency, it’s still such a shame to know that we will have to say good-bye at the end of next season!

Sigh! Best enjoy as much of them now while we still can!

Your Top Favorite Gleeks Not Returning!!


Last month, Ryan Murphy spoke about season three of Glee, and it was sounding as though it would be the last season for those whose characters will be graduating.

Now, the series creator has confirmed that Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and Cory Monteith will not return for the show’s fourth season! Sad!

He explains:

“You can keep them on the show for six years and people will criticize you for not being realistic, or you can be really true to life and say when they started the show they were very clearly sophomores and they should graduate at the end of their senior year.”

“We’ve never done anything by the book. We made that decision and I involved Chris and Lea and they thought that was a good idea. They both trust the writing and trust me and felt that it would be great to have an open and closed experience for them to go out while they were on top.”

“We already made the decision before the new writers came in, but everybody likes where we’re taking it and what we’re writing toward.”

MINOR SPOILER ALERT: Here’s Ryan on his plans for Lea in season three:

“I’m much more interested in Lea’s character — not so much on her relationship with Finn, but more on what her dreams are beyond high school and how she plans on getting them. That’s what my senior year was about.”

As disappointing as it will be to see these characters go, we totally respect and appreciate what Ryan’s trying to do here. It would be pret-ty lame if they tried to figure out ways to keep everyone around, even though they’re graduating.

Plus, we have no doubt we’ll be seeing PLENTY more of Lea, Chris, and Cory! We just hope they’ll be back, in one way or another.

What do U think?? Will U be sad to say goodbye Rachel, Finn, and Kurt?

Gleek Recap last ep.


So this was the last glee of season 2 and season threw will be the last ep. I know sad!

So let’s talk this ep. The glee group went to new York for finals and was so excited they went out to experience NY, personally this is kinda boring ep. Till after the finales they learned they did not place and came in 12th.

Then what I been waiting for is Sam and Mercedes to date and it finally! Happened they were holding hands, and Blain and Kurt said I live you and Rachel and Fin are together again but ending was sooo good just can’t wait till next season!

What did you think of this season good bad and what was your thoughts on tonight ep? And any guess for next season I say Blain and Kurt break up and glee couch and Emma tie the night.

But leave your thoughts below!

America’s Next Top Model Is…

YEAH THATS RIGHT Brittani won ANTM was I cheering for her from the beginning NO I was for Jacklyn or Hannah, but Molly has always been MOODY! And I found that a BIG turn off when I watched her so I agree Brittani should have won over Molly but not over Jacklyn or Hanna that is.

But over all congrats to the win of Brittani and represent the trailer park girl’s and guy’s best of luck! and advice stop the crying! Modeling is DOG EAT DOG WORLD!



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