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The Hills SAY BYE!

Tuesday night “The Hills” said goodbye forever and I never watched the show never saw the point in it but I guess if you like drama and preps and jerks this was the perfect show for you! 🙂

Yes I have the show a chance but that chance went bye bye like the show.

But after the show they had the cast come back for their last tv day view and the creator of the show appeared at the finale. But why wasn’t she on the show I know is I created a show I better be in it!’

What is your opinion of the show and will you miss it and will you think someone will get a spin off?


Bethenny Gave Up!?

You may or may not have been watching the hit show on Bravo “The Housewives of New York” but like every Housewives theirs always drama like no other.

But just like the star Dina Bethenny is also quite so it has been told. She is also sick of the drama on the show and just want’s it to stop.

So is she pulling the Dina she saw were Dina quite so she wanted to follow on the bandwagon or is this her own choice?

But either way you see it were loosing the one’s we love on the show I loved Dina and then she left.

Honestly I don’t care if Bethenny goes or stay’s I only watch “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and I didn’t know what it was till I got hooked on watching Dina.

To be real here if your gonna be on a show you gotta stick to it and not pull out because of drama you can choose to stop the drama. Dina was trying but now with Bethenny I didn’t really see her trying to stop the drama she was in or created for herself.

But it is still in question or if Bethenny will quite the show or not but in a statement she made kinda what Dina.

“I might be quieting the show because I am tired of all the drama.”

So what is your opinion of this take you happy about it, sad, or you just don’t care? And you think it’s stupid that these people are gonna quite because knowing their is gonna be drama always no offense Dina! but leave your comment below!

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Donate to the ASPCA Today!

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Lady Gaga And Madonna

Last October, Madonna and Lady Gaga made fun of rivalry rumblings with a hair-yanking, insult-flinging catfight on “Saturday Night Live.” But the rumor mill isn’t ready to let go of an “All About Eve” scenario featuring catchy pop tunes and no pants.

The Chicago Sun-Times claims that Madonna has been getting her leotard in a bunch whenever she catches footage of Lady G performing because she views it as less of an homage and more of a copy.

Oh, and the Big M supposedly hasn’t been shy about

saying how she considers the ubiquitous popster “really annoying.”

“It just bugs Madonna that Lady Gaga uses fashion and her performance style in a way that has so many people calling her ‘the new Madonna,'” a source maintains to the paper. “Madonna thinks she is unique and there cannot be a younger version of something that is unique.”

That sounds slightly suspect considering that Madonna made a splash early on by channeling a diamond-sporting Marilyn Monroe.

When contacted for comment, Madonna’s rep denied there was any truth to the story.

“Madonna really likes Lady Gaga,” spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg assures us. “She never said she was annoying.”

Gaga, for her part, has enthusiastically expressed her love for and inspiration from the pop icon.

In her sacril-icious, rosary bead-gulping new “Alejandro” video, Lady G references everything from

Madonna’s cross-burning “Like a Prayer” video to the black-and-white artiness of “Vogue” to “Evita,” with various callouts in between (MTV breaks them down here).

“I think Madonna is great,” she gushed to Larry King last week. “She’s been a wonderful friend and very kind and supportive and amazing. And she’s such an incredible woman. I get compared to so many people. And we’re compared to each other, whether we’re blond, brunette, black, white, straight, gay.”

Perhaps Gaga should have stopped there. Instead, she added that the comparison is “kind of funny”

because her mother (yep, she played the mom card) “actually looks sort of like Madonna. And the older I’ve gotten, I look more and more like my mother. So sometimes I just want to say, it’s not my fault that I look like her.”

Why won’t people just let it go and quite trying to tear friends apart they might look alike and have related like’s so what! you and your friends do to and don’t lie to me that’s why aguleria and gaga are in the drama with the paparazzi. So what is your take on this?

Shot me a COMMENT!

Lady Gaga Alejandro World Premiere Right Here

MY OPINION: My opinion of the video is that first of all I think the dancing could have been more POW BAM and the boob guns WEIRD! lol at first I thought she was just hard but hey it’s Gaga for you. But the video expressed what the song was all about and it was well thought out. And I loved how they added the snow and the death and the heart gaga was carrying at the beginning. But one thing I like to point out was, was Lady Gaga the queen or something? the video reminded me of Hitler and the Jews in a way.

But that’s my opinion what is your’s??? leave comment below letting me know!