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LADY GAGA The Edge Of Glory (Audio)

What you think? Personally I LOVE IT!


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Justin Bieber Take’s It OFF for VMA’s

WOW! so Mr.beb’s is taking it all of posing in just his underwear right before the VMA’s tonight so is he wanting some attention before his LIVE performance on the VMA’s? or what leave comment below letting us here at know your opinion and thoughts.

Kelly Clarkson Because Of You Cover and WHY?

I sung this song for many reasons one is that this song I can relate to what she is singing and saying in this song, but also I sung this because of my family they wanted to hear me sing and I can’t sing without some music in the background so tada. But this is for them and I hope they listen and if you like it please tweet this and if you hate it tell me why, if it’s because I suck tell me how to improve. Because singing is a way to let someone know who you are and everything from A-Z so enjoy! Love you!

Justin Bieber Gets HIT by Sour Patch Kids and T!

WOW so Mr.Bieber was on stage then hit by a T shirt that said “I love JB” and sour patch kids. The girl did not have no attentions to hit him with it when security took her out of the stadium she explained she was aiming for the stage not bieber. So they let the teenage girl go back to the concert and listen but now everyone will be punished I bet lol. Broken arm by fans and now busted head poor Justin Bieber.

Rihanna Goes RED!

What is up with Rihanna now day’s I know we all go threw depression and it could be for the good or bad and I just think Rihanna took it for the bad.

She did have long beautiful hair till her and the Chris Brown accident just praying for the old Rihanna not the red hot head.

What is your opinion leave comment below.

Rihanna Is A Rock Star

In the Video Rihanna is wearing a red wig for a 28 sec preview for her next video Rock Star let’s hope it’s better then Rude Boy! Whats you opinion?