Lady Gaga posted this picture with the caption “Love is a Result. We bare an Unbearable Human Inability: to just ‘be.” and what people don’t realize this is a screen grab from “You & I” that she will be releasing on her 1000 tweet on twitter. You can tell by the 16:9 resolution and her alter ego coming out the piano. But all I can say this music video is gonna be amazing!


David and Victoria Take Baby Photos!



The apple really don’t fall far from the tree for David and Victoria Beckham’s daughter, Harper Seven – the newborn seems to have acquired her famous parents’ good looks!

David, 36, debuted the couple’s 1-week-old baby girl on Sunday by posting a black and white photo of his stunning wife asleep with baby Harper on her chest on his Facebook page.

“I took this picture of my two girls sleeping,” he wrote.

Victoria, 37, returned the favor by Tweeting a black and white picture of the proud papa cradling Harper — nearly nose-to-nose — with the caption, “Daddy’s little girl! X V B X”

Victoria also took to Twitter earlier this week to proclaim her love for her first daughter.

“Baby Harper is the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen,” she Tweeted on Thursday. “I have fallen in love all over again!!!”

So sweet and I congratulate them on the new baby!!

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Selena Gomez Beat’s The Beb’s

We hope Justin Bieber is man enough not to feel threatened by this…

His girlfriend, Selena Gomez, recently surpassed him on Billboard’s Social 50 list, coming in up top and leaving him behind at #2.

Social 50 is a chart that ranks active artists on leading social networking sites. Think YouTube, Twitter, Facebook…you get it.

With Selena’s When the Sun Goes Down album and her movie, Monte Carlo, hot in promos right now, it’s no wonder how she beat The Biebs.

Also on the list are stars like Lady Gaga (#4), Katy Perry (#6) andBeyonce (#9).

She deserves every good thing that comes her way.

Lady Gaga Is Now A Queen!

She had some fierce competition, but the Mother Monster has been dubbed the reigning Queen Of Pop.

After careful scrutiny of the many faces that make up being an ultimate pop diva, Rolling Stone has announced that this generation’s Queen of Pop is none other than Lady GaGa.

Yes, Beyonce might have more Grammys (6 to 4) and Taylor Swiftmight’ve sold more albums (9.8mil to 7.1) and Rihanna might have more YouTube hits (1,248,054,624! ), but GaGaloo has them beat with not only holding a high rankings in each of those categories, but having the highest total airplay ranking of the last 3 years, the best performance on the Billboard Top 100, the highest grossing digital sales AND the most combined followers on Facebook and Twitter.

The facts don’t lie. She’s paid her dues. She’s changed the world. All hail our QUEEN!!! Once MJ NOW GAGA because soon she will be a King to!

Justena Most Mismatched COUPLE IN AMERICA!

So Selena visited with The Tonight Show and tells Jay Leno that her mother approves of Biebs. (Check it)

Just they LOOK LIKE BROTHER AND SISTER MY GOD! and when they kiss!

It’s like brother making out with his sister in SUCH a weird way! but guess love is love right???

Now for SG new movie I say from what you see from what they showed you will be a really good movie to go watch and I will be down as long as no kissing cousins SELENA !

No I love this girl and for her to date Justin just so WEIRD but ill get use to it I guess! Your thought on the couple and the movie?

FarmVille Obsession!

Yes I’m one of those farmNerds as you would call it and yes I ever said this would never be me I even blocked the app but my Aunt made me try FarmVille now I’m HOOKED ON THE GAME!

In the picture above is my farm I created and yes their is one spot that don’t match because that’s were I’m gonna plot me a house in that spot.

So speaking of my farm and showing you a picture I want YOU! to send me a picture of your farm and the best farm will be blogged about and you might even get thousands of farmville neighbors!

So send me your Picture of YOUR FARM!


1. Must show full farm
2. Do not show your neighbors picture for safety reason’s! and PRIVACY!
3. Must be your farm
4. Included Name and or Facebook URL! so you can get friends and help on your farm!
5. Just keep Farming!