Meaning Of Lady Gaga “You & I”

Lady Gaga has finally returned to form. After some visually pleasing but generally lackluster videos, she has finally come out with something to write home about. “You and I” is arguably the best song on her sophomore release, “Born This Way,” and now has a video to match. (And, before you complain, — “Edge of Glory” doesn’t count because it wasn’t a Gaga event as it was Gaga being demure —  well as demure as she can be. Plus it was only because the Lady got to go into Versace‘s archive.)

In her usually verbose style, Gaga released a six minute video complete with torture, high fashion, county, a wedding, dancing, humor, sex, mermaids and Gaga as a man. Pop’s second-in-command — Katy Perry took the throne with her fifth consecutive number one– tweeted the release via her thousandth tweet, rewarding her “little monsters” for devoting themselves.

In the video itself, there is so much going on it is hard to figure out what all of the different characters are doing, who they are and what they mean, if anything. I can see that there is a method to the madness of the video, but one YouTube commenter really put things into perspective:



“I think the video is about her abusive, controlling boyfriend constantly forcing her to change. Everytime he changes her she becomes stronger and more magical. She eventually leaves him. She kisses herself (jo) to show that she has finally come to love and accept herself, because you can’t love someone else until you love yourself. Since she has accepted herself, she decides to reunite with him, running from New York back to Nebraska. He finally accepts her and they get married at the end.”


Anything we thought before about the mermaid, the mermaid woman getting married, the drag Gaga kissing the piano Gaga went away after discovering the metaphor. As per usual Gaga wants everyone to love themselves and accept themselves, and that theme rings true in her latest video. While torture may replace blasphemy in her latest attempt, it is going down a lot more smoothly than her previous ones.

Overall AMAZING video it make’s me want to go get a piano and play it! Even tho I attract people with tomato’s lol.


Khloe & Lamar Car Accident Update


As we reported earlier, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom were recently involved in a car accident in New York City.

The two were in town for a funeral when their car service hit a motorcyclist which then struck a 15 year old pedestrian.

The 15 year old was rushed to the emergency room, but we are very sad to report that the boy has passed away.

A source close to Lamar says he is very devastated about the whole ordeal.

Our thoughts go out to each involved and their families. Stay strong, guys.

Ivanka Trump Welcomes New Born GIRL!


The Trump empire has expanded again.

Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner welcomed their first child, a daughter, on Sunday in New York City.

“This morning [Jared] and I welcomed a beautiful and healthy little baby girl into the world,” Trump, 29, announced via Twitter. “We feel incredibly grateful and blessed. Thank you all for your support and well wishes!”

Herself the daughter of Donald Trump, “We have our work cut out for us to ensure that our daughter is grounded and not spoiled,” the Celebrity Apprentice judge – who admitted she was terrified of labor and delivery – says.

Trump married Kushner, owner of the New York Observer, in October 2009.
By Alla Byrne

Congratulations on the new lil girl!!!

Emma Watson Harry Potter Premiere


Nobody hearts Emma Watson more than we do.

So we’re bummed the actress ended up her Harry Potter red carpet tour with a less-than-fabulous finale—wearing a funky amber Bottega Veneta gown that looks like an invisibility cloak wrapped around her waist.

“I just felt like New York is such a fashion capital and that I could push the envelope a little bit and kind of go for it,” Emma explained “I kind of went safe, classic with London, and with New York I wanted to go edgier. I’ve never seen a dress like this…it felt so dramatic.”

Hey, every great fashionista takes risks and fails sometimes, right?

Lady Gaga never had fails! Now this dress could have had some potential, take the loose of the hanging fabric and tighten it and not leave it loose gossie! and then cut of the big poof around the waist and lower it to the knee and sow it at the knee level, and shape it in a “V” on the side and then leave the train.

AND TADA WORSE dress ever is now a beautiful dress! ( if you don’t know what I’m talking about check this)

Ask Tyler #1

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Last weekend Gaga went to all kinds of baseball games to the Met’s all the way to the Yankees ball game’s. But she finally gave the paparazzi what they wanted by giving them the finger.

Ms.Gaga also wore the same outfit she wore for her music video telephone in the jail scene. On thing that I did not like about her look at the game is that it was too tom boy. Bring back the regular girly girl gaga.

So gaga keep enjoying your life of for awhile you deserve a break from all the fame and attention and keep that poker face beautiful!






Okay so this is the new fashion look for the guys? All I know is I wouldn’t wear any of these! I don’t think any skater, classy, daily, or beach guy would wear these outfits!

SO what was this designer thinking oh yea he wasn’t thinking at all!

I don’t even know of a gay guy who would wear this their all ugly and out of this world. But if I had to pick a outfit I had to wear it be the skater guy less ugly I think.

Their all ugly but that’s if I had to because they daily guy looks like a daily hobo no offense hobo’s yall got better clothes then this lol.

So what is your opinion or take or well what is you gag reflects saying? and if your gay would you wear these? LEAVE COMMENT BELOW!


Do you know these glasses and know how they became and why so famous?

These glasses have been a big hit this year and just become so popular! It all didn’t start until some celebrity seen them used at a fashion show a model wore.

But did you know the women who wore these had no lenses in them for real, but soon a company decided to publish them all around the earth and make them popular.

They just added the plastic lens and a few changes done to them but they take a geek to sexy geek!

They resemble what geeks wore in the past and the old fashion days.

So really they are a copy of the old times the big glasses the geek look and all so who is to take responsibility for these ICONS???

My opinion is the people aka the geeks from the 70’s but not they have hit America like a bomb a geek fashion bomb! These glasses have blown up our store’s and fashion department everywhere.

So you know I might buy me a pair and take some pictures and have me a fun fun time with them I don’t know?