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Lohan to Nohan!

I just want to give my opinion on this star we all give and bow down to her and that’s what she wants she wants us to  beg and give her attention. Do you not know the only reason why people do stuff like she does is for attention and attention only.

That’s why here at TheOfficialTyler we do not blog about miss Lohan because that’s what she wants and that’s the attention!

And I feel like if we do not blog about this pathetic star she will stop soon in go good but shes not as long as she keep’s getting the fame for what she does.

So let this girl live her troubled life and let her make these mistake and watch how when we don’t blog about her she will prob murder someone, but soon she will realize she is no longer getting the paparazzi and she will straighten up.




YEA! leave comment on your thought’s about PIGGY PEREZ

JackAss Star Gets Beat Up By GIRL!

Bam has been hospitalized last saterday on account of a women beating him to almost death with a baseball bat. The reason is because he post to have made a raises  remark to the women and she attacked.

What really happened or what has been said has not been said or nothing only thing the public knows is the women is now serving jail time while Bam sits up in the hospital with countless of bruises and bang up’s.

So I say he gets what he gets to talk trash you get hit that’s what I was learned and thought.

Miley Tells Perez How It Is!

Days after Perez Hilton tweeted an allegedly explicit photo of her disembarking a convertible, Miley Cyrus has fired back at Perez in a call to Ryan Seacrest’s morning radio show.

“That’s some idiot being an idiot,” Cyrus, 17, said of the tweet in a phone interview with Seacrest.

“Isn’t it funny things like that, that are so negative, have to come out right before my record?” Cyrus continued. “It’s like, no one can just let a positive thing happen.”

Hilton potentially faces legal trouble over the photo, which could be considered child pornography.

However, Hilton posted a video defense to his blog today, claiming that Cyrus “was clearly wearing underwear.”

“Do you think Miley is that stupid to be out in public

without panties?” he continued. “Do you think I’m stupid enough to post a photo of Miley if she’s not wearing any underwear down there? Sure I like to be controversial, but I don’t want to go to jail.”

Honestly I’m so glad Miley might be sending his butt to jail I hate perez he trashes everyone and all he is, is a back stabber to everyone but himself and I’m waiting till he gets what he deserves. So if he goes to jail it wont be gay jail it will be beat up perez jail.

Justin Bieber Arrested!?

In a recent interview with Fox 5 News Justin Bierber was arrested NOT! His manager scooter was not Bieber even tho I wished he was -_-

But it’s been said that it’s his manager fault for the reason why almost thousands of screaming fans got hurt?

Who knows and to the right you see Justin Bieber posing wearing a white T saying “Free Scooter” so will it work or will his manager really have to spend a year in jail who knows seems so much drama circles this one little star.

Chace Crawford DOES JAIL!

Chace Crawford from “Gossip Girl” was arrested in Plano, Texas for possession of marijuana … cops confirmed June 4th.
We’re told Crawford has bonded out of jail.

Crawford was arrested just after midnight this morning for possession of marijuana under 2 ounces.  The charge is a misdemeanor, which carries a 6 month maximum sentence.

Crawford was busted in the parking lot of Ringo’s Pub.

Sources say Crawford was in a car with a friend when he was busted and cops found one unlit joint.

He is set to stay in jail for 180 day’s and $2000 bond so what is in store for this celebrity are we gonna see another Lil Wayne?

But here is a little original preview of his Police Report so check it out and in order for me not to get  in trouble I marked out all the things you were not allowed to see or me and honestly I don’t remember what it says lol.

Crawford's MUGSHOT