Kristen Stewart’s House

I have no clue about you but I always wanted to see Ms.Stewart’s how and so I have it’s not what I expected to be honest. It is tho worth $6Million and her Net Worth is $55Million so make’s since she only spent $6million but I expect at least $17Million! But show’s she’s responsible with her money and she will get it back when she sell’s it MAYBE MORE! he bare feet touched the floor! so I assume it goes up to $100Million am I right?


Stephen King’s Dark Tower TO FAIL?


RIP The Dark Tower… For Now

This is definitely not the kind of news you’d want to hear at any hour, but we have to tell you regardless so you aren’t stuck waiting for something that may never happen.

Remember that amazing idea that Ron Howard had for an adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series? The one that had Javier Bardem lined up to play the lead in 3 movies and a 2 season TV series? You know, the raddest idea that Hollywood has had in a long time?

We just got word that Universal has pulled the plug on it.

Why? Because putting money into something that deserves it instead of shoddy remakes and sequels is “risky.”

Yet, after being announced with great fanfare last Fall, “The Dark Tower” ran up against a very different corporate culture after Comcast took over the studio in January.

More so than ex-corporate parent General Electric, Comcast leans toward the frugal, and the very expensive “Dark Tower” clearly left the people who control the purse strings uncomfortable.

That temporary delay became permanent this week, and now deprives Universal of a film series that it had hoped would become a linchpin for its film slate for years to come.

The studio declined to comment.

We’re pretty upset over this. Let’s hope that Imagine Entertainment, Howard and Grazer’s production company, can find a new home for it at a different studio — and that Universal learns its lesson the hard way by losing those who made millions of dollars in box-office revenue for them with American Gangster and A Beautiful Mind.

Transformer’s Rock The Box Office!

Shia LaBeouf posing at the Transformers: Reven...

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That movie about giant robots kicking the crap out of each other whileShia LeBeouf runs around with a model in 3D sure is doing well at the box office!

Like, really well.

It has taken in $64.7 million dollars so far! In just two days!

It’s on track for $165 million domestically this weekend, and $350 million dollars world-wide! What the what! That’s so much!

We hear that it’s beautiful in 3D as well, so it’s no surprise that it’s making most of its money that way:

In North America, Dark of the Moon is earning the majority of its gross—or 60 percent –from 3D theaters, including 146 Imax locations, which have ponied up a strong $5 million. That’s welcome news for Hollywood, considering the recent downturn in 3D attendance, and comes after Paramount aggressively marketed the 3D element.

Congrats to those involved!

Are Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Back On?

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron

So you might be wondering ‘what is Zanessa?’ because Efron and Hudgens broke up — exclamation point. But I’m sure you too have probably hung on to a little piece of their love in hopes that they’d rekindle their relationship — or maybe not, let’s be honest. Well, it seems that the flame may have been relit, because Zac got spotted heading over to Vanessa’s house. Yep, yep. They just couldn’t stay away from each other. The proof — aka the photos — show ZE pulling into VH‘s driveway in his black Audi. So what do you think was the purpose for this rendez-vous? Do you really think they’re getting back together?



Perhaps the couple was meeting up for a much-needed discussion, or, and we hate to say it, maybe Zac could have been picking up some of his things from Vanessa’s house.

Or maybe they were talking about getting back together! Do you think there’s a chance Zac and Vanessa will reunite as a couple? But keep in mind it all really depends on how long he was their? And how fast he drove off? If he was their awhile maybe something was up and they were talking, and if he stayed a lil bit he could just been getting his things. If he drove of fast then bad news drove off normal then every things just fine but who am I to say.

So be sure to hit the comment section below letting us know at TOT if you think the couple is back together or what?


Lohan to Nohan!

I just want to give my opinion on this star we all give and bow down to her and that’s what she wants she wants us to  beg and give her attention. Do you not know the only reason why people do stuff like she does is for attention and attention only.

That’s why here at TheOfficialTyler we do not blog about miss Lohan because that’s what she wants and that’s the attention!

And I feel like if we do not blog about this pathetic star she will stop soon in go good but shes not as long as she keep’s getting the fame for what she does.

So let this girl live her troubled life and let her make these mistake and watch how when we don’t blog about her she will prob murder someone, but soon she will realize she is no longer getting the paparazzi and she will straighten up.



Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg “California Gurls” VIDEO!

SEXY SEXY SEXY! WOW Katy Can I have a BITE! ;D That’s my opinion!

spinder man 4

The next spider movies is officially undergoing and will soon be shot in Columbia and here are a few new people that might just be the next Peter Parker.

Jamie Bell, who is best known as Billy Elliot. He has also appeared in Defiance and the upcoming films The Eagle of the Ninth and Adventures of Tintin.

Alden Ehrenreich, who was discovered by Steven Spielberg in a bat mitzvah video. He has been on an episode of Supernatural and the film Tetro.

Andrew Garfield, who starred in Red Riding and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. He is also in the upcoming The Social Network.

Frank Dillane, best known as Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Josh Hutcherson, who starred in The Kids Are All Right, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Zathura, Bridge to Terebithia, and the Red Dawn remake.

And in all honesty I have no clue who any of these guy’s are lol but who do you who get’s it??? leave comment below.

R.I.P Dennis Hopper

Hopper Receiving His Star

Video Included at the END!

The Famous Actor Dennis Hopper died today May 29, 2010 this world wide star had prostate cancer which we all know isn’t something that is cured every day. But he will be missed very much and I wish him peace in heaven R.I.P Dennis Hopper.

But one thing I like to say to these jerks on the web! Like all these actors that are dieing people will go blog their bad moments in life and not their good times and moments and I don’t understand this why be a jerk these people just died. Highlight their best moments!

But here in the “The Official Tyler’s Celebrity Gossip” I don’t talk crap about the dead I respect them and highlight their good times in living.

And you can see in the picture to the left that was one of his favorite times in life because he didn’t know if he would be able to fly out and receive the award and by award I mean his own “Hollywood Walk of Fame” he is holding and that was a big award/Star he received because that’s when you know you made it big when you have a star on the “Hollywood Walk Of Fame”

But for his family and friends I pray and give you my love and I give you my respect R.I.P Dennis Hopper.

But one thing I like to point out isn’t this a little scary because a lot of celebrities are dieing this year then ever. Maybe Ill wait to start my acting career later in life.