Demi Lovato-Skyscraper Full Song

Download this amazing new song #Skyscraper by Demi Link:


Demi and Selena Fight It out!

For those of you wondering about a possible Demi-Selena collaboration, we’ve got the answer on that right here.

The Official Tyler Blog Team is back in action. Hey guys, Thanks for stopping by today. Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are both busy at work on music these days. So will they collaborate on either of each others upcoming albums? That’s what the fans are dying to know.

And MTV got the answer straight from Dem, who was asked if she’d be appearing on Selena’s G’s next release. Demi said, “No! It’s not true.” She added that she “thinks Selena is already finished with her album,” but that other artists like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus are said to be on a few tracks.

So will the bff’s ever work together again? Demi says she doesn’t know. So now we’re asking you guys if you’d like to hear a Demi-Selena song. Let us know here. And for more music news that you’ll find here, stick with us and follow @Official_Tyler on twitter.

Demi Turns 18

And to begin the 18th b-day party she woke up and tweeted!

I don’t no what it is like to be 18 but to soon be 16 :) but check some pictures out from the party!



Demi is looking hot last night she has a new color hair and a rocking body. She arrived at the “Do Something Awards” happy and glad to be making a deference and one by making all use guy’s smile and looking at her and the sexy body she has.
And more celebrities came to the “Do Something Awards” and they also rocked the red carpet so what is your opinion of miss Demi?

Demi Might Face Heart Break?

If you didn’t know Demi and Joe Jonas have been dating for awhile and now it may be all over with! As you see in the picture young Demi returned to her hometown to go to her senior prom and to celebrate it with the mystery man. But all is cool Demi stated on her twitter it was just a promise she made to the mystery guy that is her good guy friend. So Demi and Joe are fine and their still together but Demi looks hotter then ever rocking a long cut strapless red dress with her black hair and the hot car she rented.


Alexa Chung

Today was the death of Alexa Chung and no I don’t mean she’s dead I mean the death of her show! It was sadly announced that Alexa Chung will be leaving her show today no more Alexa. Season 2 has wrapped and no word on why the show has been canceled but I

miss her show! So now in question what is next for Alexa Chung? But all I hope this is not the end for Alexa cause she is a amazing women and very funny and a joy to watch. But what is with all these shows being canceled??? or ending??? Hanna Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place (soon be ending), Sonny with a Chance (soon be ending), and ICarley (soon to be ending). All I have to say is enjoy the shows now cause soon they will be of T.V for good. So for Alexa Chung love ya and I hope you go on to better things and if you wanted the show to end when I know you didn’t please keep going.