Marc Was Controlling Towards J.LO


Marc Anthony Didn’t Like J.Lo Dressing Sexy

Marc Anthony was quite the controlling husband during his 7 years of marriage to Jennifer Lopez, especially when it came to her clothes.

If Jenny ever wore something sexy, Marc would “make her feel terrible about herself” says one source close to the soon to be divorced couple.

He even tagged along to a photo shoot last year and said one of the shots was “too sexy and unbecoming for a 40-year-old mother of two”.

Who does this guy think he is for telling Jennifer that? She worked hard to get her money for her wardrobe and to get that body back after giving birth to twins.

And for goodness sakes your wife is was Jennifer Lopez! She’s WAY too good looking to be covered up all the time.



Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony To Divorce!


This week’s most shocking news came from Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony yesterday when the couple announced they plan to get a divorce after seven years of marriage. If there was one celebrity couple together right now we would’ve put money on lasting, it would’ve been these two. They both had lucrative careers, they shared the spotlight with each other and they have the cutest twins in Hollywood to keep them glued together.

But alas, it seems not even Max and Emma could keep these two together, which is such a shame, especially for them. So what went wrong? And when? And why??? The answers to these questions we don’t have as of yet, but we can tell you the signs were there for at least a month that things were rocky between them.

Consider this – when the royal couple came to town earlier this month, who was at Jennifer’s side? Her mother, NOT MARC. A few weeks before that, who took the children to Disneyland with her and rode Dumbo the Flying Elephant high in the air with the twins? Her mother, NOT MARC. And what about that impromptu trip to Europe? Was it really that impromptu? And what about the Fourth of July? Jen was spotted with the kids playing in Malibu – where was Marc???

In fact, if memory serves, the last time Jen and Marc made any kind of public appearance together was on June 7 in New York. They attended the Samsung Hope for Children Gala and Jen looked very unhappy.

But she have always been to pretty for him so in a way it’s for the best!


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Taylor Swift ‘Mine’ Music Video Preview

Taylor Swift is teasing us with just about 20 seconds of her new video. Check it out right here right now.

Taylor Swift will debut her full music video for her song “Mine” on August 27th at 8:30PM Easter time on, and but until then she’s teasing us with a 20 second clip of what we’re going to see.

Taylor is looking as beautiful as ever in this cool tree-filled scene where photographs appear to be hanging from ribbons. Then we also get a peek at her love interest Toby Hemmingway. We see them in what looks like an engagement scene, complete with a ring and all, and then we see them in an intense fighting scene too.

As for what else we’re going to see though, we’re just gonna have to hold out for a few more days. So, who will be sitting in front of a computer screen come go-time? Let us know and of course make sure to sub to my blog for a complet recap on the entire video when it’s released. And again guys, thanks for always coming back to for your entertainment news. For exclusives you’ll only find on here, check us out at . I’m Tyler Farris – see you next time!

Kelly Clarkson Because Of You Cover and WHY?

I sung this song for many reasons one is that this song I can relate to what she is singing and saying in this song, but also I sung this because of my family they wanted to hear me sing and I can’t sing without some music in the background so tada. But this is for them and I hope they listen and if you like it please tweet this and if you hate it tell me why, if it’s because I suck tell me how to improve. Because singing is a way to let someone know who you are and everything from A-Z so enjoy! Love you!

Kathy Griffin Left HeartBroken

Sarah Palin isn’t the only one surprised by her daughter Bristol‘s on-again engagement to Levi Johnston.

Kathy Griffin — Johnston’s date at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards last August — was taken aback as well.

“Oh y did I trust my heart 2 a 19 yr old ice-fisherman/babydaddy from Wasila?” the comedienne, 49, Tweeted on Wednesday.

“Like Britney I’m putting myself on a 5150 psych hold,” she cracked, referring to the involuntary psychiatric hold in which Britney Spears was placed in 2008.

Soon after their Teen Choice date, Griffin joked that she and Johnston were embarking on a romance, cooing about his “chocolate beautiful eyes” on CNN.

Bristol, 19, and Levi, 20, reveal exclusively in the new Us Weekly that they got engaged again two weeks ago.

The couple reconnected three months ago while working out custody arrangements for their son Tripp, 18 months. “I really thought we were over,” Levi tells Us Weekly. “So when I went, I had no hope. I think we both just started talking — and then we took Tripp for a walk.”

Justin Bieber Cries?!?

Real or Fake?

In a way I think this looks more played out but this song is inspired by the divorce of his parents and young bieber cried and gets emotional over the song.


Well it is official Amber Rose Kanye’s girlfriend has put a stop to their relationship and took some hate with some friends over twitter and called Kanye a Nigger on twitter?

Okay umm Amber your part or full black yourself yet you go and call someone else the nigger I don’t like that word and it sucks I have to write it on my blog. I have all respect for colored people my step mother is colored and I love her to death!

But really amber how low are you I mean come on I thought you were a better person this is and not like every other celebrity but guess not.

But as Kanye he has not spoken on this break up or the word Amber used?called him but what is your take on this break up?

Amber dumb for saying Nigger and you think Kanye is upset??? leave comment below