Johnny Knoxville Talks The Lost Of Ryan Dunn


It was a sad morning with the news that Ryan Dunn has died in a tragic car accident, especially for those who were closest to him — like his family and his fellow Jackass crew.

Johnny Knoxville has said this:

“Today I lost my brother Ryan Dunn. My heart goes out to his family and his beloved Angie. RIP Ryan , I love you buddy.”

It’s so sad to see anyone go regardless of age, but it tends to be a special kind of pain when they were so young.

Our thoughts and good vibes go out to Ryan’s family and those close to him.

We’re sorry for your loss, Johnny.


Kelly Clarkson Because Of You Cover and WHY?

I sung this song for many reasons one is that this song I can relate to what she is singing and saying in this song, but also I sung this because of my family they wanted to hear me sing and I can’t sing without some music in the background so tada. But this is for them and I hope they listen and if you like it please tweet this and if you hate it tell me why, if it’s because I suck tell me how to improve. Because singing is a way to let someone know who you are and everything from A-Z so enjoy! Love you!


Leave me a comment letting me know if you had 1 wish what you wish for!



Well it is official Amber Rose Kanye’s girlfriend has put a stop to their relationship and took some hate with some friends over twitter and called Kanye a Nigger on twitter?

Okay umm Amber your part or full black yourself yet you go and call someone else the nigger I don’t like that word and it sucks I have to write it on my blog. I have all respect for colored people my step mother is colored and I love her to death!

But really amber how low are you I mean come on I thought you were a better person this is and not like every other celebrity but guess not.

But as Kanye he has not spoken on this break up or the word Amber used?called him but what is your take on this break up?

Amber dumb for saying Nigger and you think Kanye is upset??? leave comment below

R.I.P Dennis Hopper

Hopper Receiving His Star

Video Included at the END!

The Famous Actor Dennis Hopper died today May 29, 2010 this world wide star had prostate cancer which we all know isn’t something that is cured every day. But he will be missed very much and I wish him peace in heaven R.I.P Dennis Hopper.

But one thing I like to say to these jerks on the web! Like all these actors that are dieing people will go blog their bad moments in life and not their good times and moments and I don’t understand this why be a jerk these people just died. Highlight their best moments!

But here in the “The Official Tyler’s Celebrity Gossip” I don’t talk crap about the dead I respect them and highlight their good times in living.

And you can see in the picture to the left that was one of his favorite times in life because he didn’t know if he would be able to fly out and receive the award and by award I mean his own “Hollywood Walk of Fame” he is holding and that was a big award/Star he received because that’s when you know you made it big when you have a star on the “Hollywood Walk Of Fame”

But for his family and friends I pray and give you my love and I give you my respect R.I.P Dennis Hopper.

But one thing I like to point out isn’t this a little scary because a lot of celebrities are dieing this year then ever. Maybe Ill wait to start my acting career later in life.