Demi Lovato-Skyscraper Full Song

Download this amazing new song #Skyscraper by Demi Link:


Demi Turns 18

And to begin the 18th b-day party she woke up and tweeted!

I don’t no what it is like to be 18 but to soon be 16 :) but check some pictures out from the party!


Joe Jonas Is Hot In Cleveland

Joe Jonas is set to guest star on a brand new show. It’s called Hot in Cleveland, a comedy on TV Land, that already has a ton of hype because it stars funny-lady Betty White, plus, it even got picked up for a second season. As far as Joe goes, it’s being whispered that he’ll play the son of Valerie Bertinelli’s character. Right now, we only know that this first season episode will air in August, but if you want the specifics so you can tune in, head over to and click AA… That way, you’ll get all of our exclusive coverage on Jonas’ Hot in Cleveland sitcom appearance as well as updates from the summer tour and more.


Do you know these glasses and know how they became and why so famous?

These glasses have been a big hit this year and just become so popular! It all didn’t start until some celebrity seen them used at a fashion show a model wore.

But did you know the women who wore these had no lenses in them for real, but soon a company decided to publish them all around the earth and make them popular.

They just added the plastic lens and a few changes done to them but they take a geek to sexy geek!

They resemble what geeks wore in the past and the old fashion days.

So really they are a copy of the old times the big glasses the geek look and all so who is to take responsibility for these ICONS???

My opinion is the people aka the geeks from the 70’s but not they have hit America like a bomb a geek fashion bomb! These glasses have blown up our store’s and fashion department everywhere.

So you know I might buy me a pair and take some pictures and have me a fun fun time with them I don’t know?


Jonas La To The Q: Of America

So a lot of people want to know about JOE JOE JOE? well no one knows for sure but I’m gonna give my opinion of my thoughts.

Because ever since the rockstar has stepped into the light the question america want’s to know is “Is Joe Jonas gay?”

In his show that aired the new season of “Jonas La” tonight he wore these black fake glasses that you see in the picture to the left and they have become the fashion Icon of the year!

But their has been question to why he wears them because the glasses are meant for gay/bi people but honestly my opinion their fake glasses theirs no meaning to glasses.

So this mean’s I wear my glasses given to me by the eye doctor are for gay/bi people only HAHA!

But yea a lot of the gay community wears these glasses their just not for a specific community gay, straight, black, white!

Do I think this rockstar is gay not do I think he’s bi yea maybe but who am I to judge  it’s his life he lives it how he want’s. But he is Bi or Gay I’m not gonna make no big deal out of it like Perez Hilton would!

As for the new season of Jonas aka “Jonas La” it was okay thought it would be better then the first season but no but ill still give it a chance.

So what is your opinion you think Joe Jonas is gay or maybe Bi, also what is your opinion of the new season of “Jonas”, and are you willing to accept anything this rockstar chooses looks like in my opinion yall arnt! LEAVE COMMENT BELOW!

Demi and Joe Break up?

Joe and DemiSo in recent news the Demi and Joe love relationship is over for good. But they are still going to tour and be friends and their not going to let this one thing end everything.

But in my recent blog post “Demi Goes To Prom” she is with another guy. We didn’t know if it was because she made a recent old promise or did she try to make Joe mad? Because it was stated if she was going for a promise or to make Joe mad.

But now the couple is over what will be next for these to ex love birds will they fell weird and end the friendship and fell odd with each other around? Who knows but in my personal opinion two Bi’s never work and yes I called Demi and Joe (BI). Because you can tell they both are in the closet or not so Joe you can’t find a girl so why not try a guy and Demi guys isn’t working for you so why not go to girls???

Some might not agree but these two do deserve some love and it looks like no one else is giving it to them.

So what is your though about this break up??? And you think they will stay friends for good or no??? Or maybe get back together??? Leave your comments below!


Demi Might Face Heart Break?

If you didn’t know Demi and Joe Jonas have been dating for awhile and now it may be all over with! As you see in the picture young Demi returned to her hometown to go to her senior prom and to celebrate it with the mystery man. But all is cool Demi stated on her twitter it was just a promise she made to the mystery guy that is her good guy friend. So Demi and Joe are fine and their still together but Demi looks hotter then ever rocking a long cut strapless red dress with her black hair and the hot car she rented.