Kristein Stewart Princesse’s Worrier!



Mirror, mirror on the wall, give us a Snow White who’s not a damsel at all.

The photos unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con during Saturday’s “Snow White and the Huntsman” panel have finally hit the web, and now the world can see Kristen Stewart decked out in a full suit of armor. Anyone worried that this movie would be confused with Lily Collins’ “Snow White” should be able to see how different they are based on the photos released this week.

The rest of the cast of characters in the movie might be more what fans expected, but fortunately Kristen has surprised us with how badass her fairest-of-them-all princess actually is.

Chris Hemsworth isnt the huntsman we remember from the “Snow White” Disney cartoon, which has us really looking forward to the anticipated romance that will bloom between him and KStew. At yesterday’s panel, he joked about getting into costume for the role, saying it required “about four or five of hours of rolling around in the mud, four days of drinking” and for the clothes to be dug up “from the backyard in Australia.”

The huntsmen played by “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” star Sam Claflin, looks like he isn’t as sweet and wonderful as we remember either. Judging by his brooding, Jackson Rathbone-esque facial expression and the antagonistic way he is holding his sword, maybe he will end up being more bad than good.

But coming in exactly as we expected her to look was Snow White’s evil stepmother, played by Charlize Theron. That dagger isn’t especially subtle as a threat to our damsel-turned-warrior, but Charlize said that there is still more to her character than meets the eye. “This, as a fable, she sort of just starts off as a bad person, so it was important to understand [why she is the way she is],” she explained about her character. “A lot of her circumstances will kind of bleed into her actions … She’s a serial killer; I’m pretty much preparing to play a serial killer.”

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Britney Burn’s Down Femme Fatale!

Britney Spears has made her own mash up song of Madonna’sBurning Up” and will be singing it for her grand entrance to me it’s just NOT her.


Little glee fact Sam (Chord Overstreet) was set to play Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) boyfriend for season 2 and they decided Chord just didn’t fit in

the type of guy they wanted for Kurt so they decided to cut him and recast and got (Criss Darren) know as Blaine and thought he fit the picture!

So is you thought hey all these gossip blogs lied! no they were indeed correct but they just decided Sam was not meant for Kurt!

So you thoughts you think Sam and Kurt could have been good together?


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Justin Bieber and Kanye Finished and Soon Released!

Justin and Kanye have finished their much-talked-about via twitter collaboration. The collabo, which is a remix of Justin’s song “Runaway Love” was worked out by Kanye and Raekwon just days after the whole idea came about.

According to an MTV report, Rae says that while recording, “Kanye was just being Kanye. The energy in the room was…speaking for itself.” Apparently a bunch of celebs were on hand as well. Mos Def, Charlie Wilson, and even Akon were there. Are you excited to get a listen to the “Runaway Love” remix? Let us know right here! But do have to add maybe this year Kanye will get mad if JB don’t when this year at the VMA’s and intrude on yet another speech And as always, thanks for always coming back to for your entertainment news. For exclusives you’ll only find on here, check us out at . I’m Tyler Farris – see you next time!

Season 2 Vampire Diaries SNEEK PEEK

Hey guys, are you obsessed with Vampire Diaries if so you’re gonna love this little season 2 update. Video preview straight from the the cast and directors their self keep reading for all details right here!

Then of course, not too shocking is the part of Elena and Stefan on a bench together tho it is cut in this trailer. She looks to be taking a peek at a wound Stefan has on his stomach maybe a fight with another vamp or maybe Mr.Stefan has had a steak threw him?

And lastly, a very serious shot of our soon to be warewolf  Tyler. But is it me or is everything seem like it’s all twilight related? So maybe here in a few weeks we will spot come court papers thorn on someones desk?

I’m no fan of this show never seen it but if you think I should go out in buy me season 1 and watch season 2 leave a comment why I should and why at all.

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