Lady Gaga VMA PROMO!



There are these two sneak peeks floating around of our wifey’s promo for the MTV Video Music Awards. You can’t see her magnificent face, but you can see her bloody hand and coffin about to be engulfed in flames.

So any guesses on what she plan’s on doing? leave it in the comment’s below!



These shoes wont be out for another while! no for sure date has be issued for these shoes yet.

They were found by the UK fashion show and now their hitting big everywere’s but only if you could get them!

They are a combo of a High Heel and a BUNCH of sport shoes part Soccer, roller blading, and a tad of hockey.

So now were seeing sports heel’s? They look and and look amazing because if someone can turn a bunch of sports shoes into a heel has a A in my book.

They have talent as you can tell.

BUT the question is will you buy a pair or NO! Their just not your style?

My opinion their all amazing but the one to the right very bottom look better then all of them.

Not sure why I think that might be because I don’t really like the sh end Gard look because when  I played soccer they sucked and I hated them!

But I wanna know what you think will you buy a pair when they hit the USA or NO!

If so witch pair 1,2,3or4 and why?