Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 7 RECAP

So tonight was the night for NOTHING! I mean can you give us something! I am really getting board with this show I mean I feel like I am in bed 6:00AM and my alarm is going off and I click Snooze well until I throw it at the wall and smash it and that make’s (3) ūüôā I may have a issue…. hehe

But fo real I mean can we not get something every episode were left confused who is the Kanima who is_____ what is ______ were is______. Now I understand they are holding out until the end of the season but when this season started I expected their to be ALL kind’s of¬†mythical¬†creature’s involved kinda like True Blood and epic battle scene at the end of season 2 leading into season 3. But now I am stuck with a plot that is not¬†changing¬†or nothing with “Pretty Little Liar’s” yes it the same thing like Teen Wolf AAAAAAAAAAA and more AAAAAA but your¬†constantly¬†being thrown curve pall’s and the plot is¬†always¬†going North, East, South, and West with Teen Wolf I feel just North. I ask for a little bit of OMG what’s going on plot changing 24/7 and speaking with that why the HELL do they have Lydia¬†Holland Roden¬†even in the cast her character is pointless! I feel they felt sorry for her and said okay we wont cut your character but it’s not helping the plot at all and their painting this canvas that doesn’t even have paint on it. I know their holding out for season 3 but still no they should put a¬†bullet in her and called it a day then bring her back from the dead season 3 all CRAY CRAY!

OKAY opinion is out of the way time for a small recap of tonight.

Basically Jackson Colton Haynes¬†is still the cray cray he¬†always¬†has been dude be SYCO since the¬†beginning, but tonight he went far far over board by eating a snake and then it coming out of his eye….. WHAT was the point in that I HAVE NO CLUE again ______ blank story line and the puzzle better start connecting itself together.. And we also had another fight scene between Jackson and Scott¬†Tyler Posey¬†Scott I guess thought he was trying to rape Allison¬†Crystal Reed¬†because the dude be naked when Scott walked well barged in so what do you think you think if you seen that? So a little fight break’s out and no cut’s or¬†bruises and while this is going on we find out Erica Gage Golightly¬†has a crush on¬†Stiles¬†¬†Dylan O’Brien¬†before she was hot and wolf-a-fied OLALA! but here’s were thing’s get more¬†weird.

So Mr.Harris Adam Fristoe¬†come’s running down the hall hey kid’s break it up I’ma give you detention cause I have no life!!!! and well he does actually because he is__________________________________ the one controlling Jackson so I will give the show that they did give us a lil bit of a answer but not why??? and we find this out we he leave’s detention and the sticker that say’s “Imagination¬†is the key not¬†knowledge” something like that HAHA! but soon he leave’s¬†Jackson¬†goes all¬†Kanima and tear’s the¬†Library¬†up and when this was happening where was the teacher telling them to “SHHHHHHHHHH” oh wait he was controlling Jackson I knew that dude was not right in the head! While this is going on Scott’s mom is at home going threw Scott’s thing’s and find’s condom’s “Ribbed Ultra Thin¬†Condom’s” Yea he was getting pleasure alright and not just by Allison the RIBBEDED condom lol can you say AWKWARD and is it creepy that I picture them doing doggy style! HAHA!!!

Last but not least tonight we find out Lydia is truly crazy not normal crazy this boy she pictured is¬†actually¬†not real and she has been talking to no one… And she goes inside this house old house were we find out is really old and under the floor’s is the guy that got burned that she is seeing all the time sooo what doe’s this mean? MORE QUESTION”S YAAAA! OH I FORGOT more on Stiles and Erica well Jackson¬†poisoned¬†her caused her a spell that she use to have and well¬†Derek¬†saved her but while he did Erica and Stiles had a connection so is Stile’s over Lydia lord her should be crazy syco what she is lol…. So what do you hope for next week? ONLY 4 more episode’s left until the finale!


True Blood “Spell Bound” RECAP!

Last week, everyone was left wondering what would come of Jessica and great vampire massacre. Okay so mainly we were all wondering if Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) was still alive, or dead like BOOM dead since she is dead.

Point is, we expected bloody tears and pissed off vamps, but we didn’t expect this:

One vampire death, total. Gooo Team Vamp!  Vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) even oh-so smartly spun the death as a suicide victim of vamp bullying.  Smooth moves, And that means Jessica survives, surprise, surprise. Come on, did you really think Alan Ball would let that redhead go?

Doesn’t matter tho, ‚Äėcause bloodbathing ensued between the supernaturals anyhoo. Leaving us to wonder how in the wolfin’ world the super important main characters are going to escape death once again. Argh.

Then we has¬†steamy hotness, with the shower scene¬†which was really a snow reality BUMMER!¬† But I was trying to figure out were the snow come from what the? Then I realized she drank “V” tricky stuff if your not careful.

But we got: Narnia slash cheesy romance novel. Something that should never ever go together. So here’s the deal, Alan Ball, Eric (Alexander Skarsg√•rd) and Sookie (Anna Paquin) together equals hot, but you don’t have to overdo it. Really. It was funny though.

Wherever the he is, you know Lafayette’s (Nelsan Ellis) just thinkin’ “ah hell naw bitch.” The singing ghost hanging with the demon baby’s all up in his body, and we’re starting to think he has his cousin Tara’s (Rutina Wesley) luck, but without the whiny thing.

Tho have to admit, it’s time these TB writers started explaining what this demon child ghost is all about. Sorry Laf, you’re just going to have to be her ghost bitch for a little while.

Most important of the night is “The Meet” what I like to call it between the¬†Witches¬†and Vamp’s. They meet at the graveyard why of all place’s meet out in the public DUH no one try anything DUH. Both group’s come with back up not trusting one another and Snookie read’s Marine’s¬†mind and more backup comes and fog just fall’s from no were. And What I don’t understand why they didn’t¬†hunker¬†down and the guards just shot everyone! and shot Marnie when they had the chance!

But What did you think of the shower sex? Did you really think Jess would die? And is Lafayette going to bust out his French lullabies?

True Blood Recap! Vampires Versus Witches

Even though all you fangbangers debated the yumminess scale of Eric (Alexander Skarsg√•rd) and Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) swamp sex, we were mighty pleased with their¬†virginesque act of¬†passion.

Sadly their¬†fantasy¬†of being together isn’t gonna last long tho, ‚Äėcause there’s a 400-year-old crazy lady out for the bloodsuckers blood.

So what happened in witch-filled Bon Temps post-romp?

Basically Marnie‘s (Fiona Shaw) inhabited by that Spaniard, Antonia, who forced vamps to the sun a long, long time ago, so His Majesty orders all vamps to either leave the state or cover¬†their-self¬†in silver chains, bondage style.

What we don’t get is why all the vamps chose the silver chains option. Torture? We would’ve used our vamp skills and ran AWAY!

As True Blood dawdled along with super slow-mo time, Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) managed to escape her silver chains and worry us all. BTW, that’s another reason the vamps should’ve heade North, East, South, Or even West. Those chains don’t even work right. But you do gotta¬†admit I’m glad!¬†Pam¬†stayed haha¬†the blond chick kill’s me jumping on the coffin and haha!!!!

So yeah, our fave redhead is possibly dead. Cliffhanger, maybe? But we doubt she’ll die because Jason’s (Ryan Kwanten) coming to save Jess (‚Äėcause he looves her), so that should help y’all worried nights for the next week.

And Sookie is Team Vampires (duh) so be on the lookout for a BFF showdown. Marnie/Antonia totes capitalized on Tara’s (Rutina Wesley) “poor me” thang and now she’s off making anti-vamp spells with the worst of ‚Äėem. Puh-leeze Tara, it’s all about Team Vampires. We get that the girl’s been through a lot and everything.

So who do you side with: Team Witch or Team Vamp?

True Blood Sneak Peek Of Next Week!

Did you see this week’s¬†True Blood?

Good, wasn’t it?? Were you surprised with the ending??

In case you didn’t see Sunday’s episode, there was a pretty major DEATH at the end of the episode that had a lot of fans wondering, “Why?”

Well, creator Alan Ball and author of the books Charlaine Harris have some answers for you.


Eric, played by the amazing¬†ASkars, was seen feeding off of¬†Sookie‘s fairy godmother Claudine, which doesn’t happen until much later in the books.

Ball says:

“After everything that was going on with the fairies in the first episode, I think we wanted to sort of put a pin in that, but obviously it‚Äôs not over. I felt it would have more impact if it was someone we knew as opposed to just a random fairy.”

Thankfull, author Charlaine was cool with Alan’s decision to kill her off.. She adds:

“If we did just do everything in the books, there would be no surprises. It‚Äôs not like we have a formula for what we‚Äôre going to keep from the books and what we‚Äôre going to change. If there‚Äôs a consensus that something makes sense, that‚Äôs usually the way we go. If he can be gracious to me, I can certainly be gracious enough to wait and see where he‚Äôs going.”

As for the rest of this shocking season, Alan says:

“It gets ugly between the vampires and the witches. There‚Äôs more than one fight coming up. There‚Äôs also a very unexpected romantic attachment which you‚Äôll start to see the beginnings of I believe in next week‚Äôs episode. We‚Äôre gonna find out a lot about Jesus‚Äô magic that‚Äôs in his family. We‚Äôre gonna get to the bottom of what‚Äôs going on with Arlene‚Äôs baby.”

So, Truebies! What did U think of this week’s episode?

[Image via HBO.]

True Blood Season 4 EP.3 RECAP!

You know what we were looking forward to this week on True Blood.

Oh come on, we¬†talk about it¬†enough! We were majorly excited for amnesiac Eric (Alexander Skarg√•rd) to squirm his ice cold vamp heart into Sookie’s life, of course!

Our obsession is only intensifying folks, so were we satisfied with the Eric and Sookie lovin’ tonight? And how’s about those werepumas (or whatever they are) and witches?

TV Foreplay:¬†That’s what we’ve deemed the thang that T.B.’s doing with Eric and Sookie (Anna Paquin) this week. Tonight EP. was all about ERIC! We get it: drag their courtship out until we can’t take it anymore and then give us¬†that shower scene. It was pretty adorable actually, with Eric accidentally eating Sook’s fairy godmother and all and how¬†Innocent¬†he’s acting it’s a kicker!. Even behind her fake angry stare, you can tell the sookie thought it was as cutesy to.

Still, we’re impatient people, so next week eh?

More Insane Supernaturals:¬†Crystal (Lindsay Pulsipher) and Marnie are officially cray-cray. Yeah we thought Crystal was cool in Season 3, but not now that she’s has her bf gang-raped in the name of love. It’s true that Jason of all people could enjoy this situation, but he doesn’t, Crystal, he really doesn’t.

And this new witch Marnie (Fiona Shaw, anyone else recognize her from¬†Harry Potter)? Well, her kooky eyes give us the heebie-jeebies and she most def is playing with dark magic‚ÄĒalthough we’re way curious what she’s brewin’ in that cauldron. Point is she’s making Tara’s visit suck, so we just don’t trust her.

Argh Tommy!¬†The young shapeshifter (Marshall Allman) The one that need’s to be hit! Everyone helps him out and then he screws them behind their backs, and then he pulls the “poor me” skit out of nowhere. Trying to¬†back stab¬†that old woman!

And as for bill the little well OLD whore is Peeing me OFF!

So did you approve of this week’s TV foreplay? And do all supernaturals have major psychological problems? What did you think? And what other character supernaturals well they throw at us?

True Blood Season 5!


Well played, Alan Ball! Well played!

The fourth season of¬†True Blood¬†hasn’t even started airing yet, but already it has enough buzz around it to ensure it will get picked up for a season five. That’s good news, since the cast will be adding one more to its ranks in the FINALE that will require another season to fully be delved into.

Scott Foley, best known for his work on¬†Felicity¬†and¬†Grey’s Anatomy, has been cast as Patrick, “a¬†tough and ruggedly old army buddy of Terry‚Äôs (Todd Lowe) who pays him a visit.” Scott isn’t poised to make his first official appearance until the finale of this season, but his character apparently is a major recurring role in season five.

Hmm! This means ya’ll will have to pay extra attention to what’s going on with Terry to see where Scotty’s going to figure in!

Oh, and for those of you who were worried, Scott will be¬†returning¬†to Seattle Grace next year as well. His people have worked out his schedule so he’ll be able to do both shows!