Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 7 RECAP

So tonight was the night for NOTHING! I mean can you give us something! I am really getting board with this show I mean I feel like I am in bed 6:00AM and my alarm is going off and I click Snooze well until I throw it at the wall and smash it and that make’s (3) 🙂 I may have a issue…. hehe

But fo real I mean can we not get something every episode were left confused who is the Kanima who is_____ what is ______ were is______. Now I understand they are holding out until the end of the season but when this season started I expected their to be ALL kind’s of mythical creature’s involved kinda like True Blood and epic battle scene at the end of season 2 leading into season 3. But now I am stuck with a plot that is not changing or nothing with “Pretty Little Liar’s” yes it the same thing like Teen Wolf AAAAAAAAAAA and more AAAAAA but your constantly being thrown curve pall’s and the plot is always going North, East, South, and West with Teen Wolf I feel just North. I ask for a little bit of OMG what’s going on plot changing 24/7 and speaking with that why the HELL do they have Lydia Holland Roden even in the cast her character is pointless! I feel they felt sorry for her and said okay we wont cut your character but it’s not helping the plot at all and their painting this canvas that doesn’t even have paint on it. I know their holding out for season 3 but still no they should put a bullet in her and called it a day then bring her back from the dead season 3 all CRAY CRAY!

OKAY opinion is out of the way time for a small recap of tonight.

Basically Jackson Colton Haynes is still the cray cray he always has been dude be SYCO since the beginning, but tonight he went far far over board by eating a snake and then it coming out of his eye….. WHAT was the point in that I HAVE NO CLUE again ______ blank story line and the puzzle better start connecting itself together.. And we also had another fight scene between Jackson and Scott Tyler Posey Scott I guess thought he was trying to rape Allison Crystal Reed because the dude be naked when Scott walked well barged in so what do you think you think if you seen that? So a little fight break’s out and no cut’s or bruises and while this is going on we find out Erica Gage Golightly has a crush on Stiles  Dylan O’Brien before she was hot and wolf-a-fied OLALA! but here’s were thing’s get more weird.

So Mr.Harris Adam Fristoe come’s running down the hall hey kid’s break it up I’ma give you detention cause I have no life!!!! and well he does actually because he is__________________________________ the one controlling Jackson so I will give the show that they did give us a lil bit of a answer but not why??? and we find this out we he leave’s detention and the sticker that say’s “Imagination is the key not knowledge” something like that HAHA! but soon he leave’s Jackson goes all Kanima and tear’s the Library up and when this was happening where was the teacher telling them to “SHHHHHHHHHH” oh wait he was controlling Jackson I knew that dude was not right in the head! While this is going on Scott’s mom is at home going threw Scott’s thing’s and find’s condom’s “Ribbed Ultra Thin Condom’s” Yea he was getting pleasure alright and not just by Allison the RIBBEDED condom lol can you say AWKWARD and is it creepy that I picture them doing doggy style! HAHA!!!

Last but not least tonight we find out Lydia is truly crazy not normal crazy this boy she pictured is actually not real and she has been talking to no one… And she goes inside this house old house were we find out is really old and under the floor’s is the guy that got burned that she is seeing all the time sooo what doe’s this mean? MORE QUESTION”S YAAAA! OH I FORGOT more on Stiles and Erica well Jackson poisoned her caused her a spell that she use to have and well Derek saved her but while he did Erica and Stiles had a connection so is Stile’s over Lydia lord her should be crazy syco what she is lol…. So what do you hope for next week? ONLY 4 more episode’s left until the finale!


Dylan O’Brien Fan’s Have To Wait To See Him Bare It All


Dylan O’Brien soaks it up in this new outtake from Troix Magazine.

The 19-year-old Teen Wolf star opened up to the mag about his ideal girl, his next project and when exactly his fans will get to see him shirtless. Check it:

On the girl of his dreams: “I don’t really have a type at all. If you look at my dating history, all of my girlfriends range from 5′8″ to 5′2″ and one is blonde, the other brunette. I just like ‘em all. I think the personality usually rends to dictate my attraction. If they’re funny, if they’re cool…if they’re not, I don’t really find them hot, even if they are (hot).”

On The First Time: “I’m going to be in this upcoming film called The First Time. It’s a romantic starring me and Britt Robertson. It’s a cute, quirky kind of Say Anything thing. it takes place over one weekend — it starts on a Friday night and ends on a Monday morning.”

On when the shirtless scenes are coming: “Fans wanna see me shirtless…that’s really weird. Y’know, they’re going to have to wait until this romantic comedy that I just did called The First Time releases, because I’m shirtless in that. I don’t think I’ll ever be shirtless in Teen Wolf, though, because Stiles is such a goob. He’s not the shirtless kind of guy; plus I don’t want to work out!”

Look’s like the girl’s are just gonna have to wait and just buy their tickets! But can we take Dylan serious in a romantic scene? Leave comments below!