Kristen Stewart’s House

I have no clue about you but I always wanted to see Ms.Stewart’s how and so I have it’s not what I expected to be honest. It is tho worth $6Million and her Net Worth is $55Million so make’s since she only spent $6million but I expect at least $17Million! But show’s she’s responsible with her money and she will get it back when she sell’s it MAYBE MORE! he bare feet touched the floor! so I assume it goes up to $100Million am I right?


R.Pattinson Spotted With Bear!!!


Robert Pattinson was spotted in the state of CA Tuesday when he took a walk with his bearded actor pal Tom Sturridge and the Twilight star’s rescue puppy, Bear.

Pattinson, who recently wrapped filming on Cosmopolis in Toronto, stepped into the sunlight in Los Feliz, Calif., sporting a goofy grin. Bear, still a rambunctious young dog, was having so much fun that Pattinson stumbled and struggled to keep up.

Bear is already well traveled. In June, he joined Pattinson in Toronto, and in early May, the British heartthrob’s main squeeze Kristen Stewart was seen walking the pooch in New York City.

What The Breaking Dawn Cast Really Thought About The Kiss

May or may not remember the famous man on man kiss shared between Robert and Taylor but what I want to know is what the cast thought so check it below!

So will Jackson Rathbone get his wish a “Best Man on Man Kiss” for next year or will he not?? But I am sure they will be nominated so don’t worry Jackson.  And look’s like Taylor and Rob have a run for their money between Luts and Petter!

So who would win?

R Pattinson and K Stewart Fake Breaking Dawn Sex Scene HUH?!

Ever since footage of Robert Pattinson giving it good to Kristen Stewart appeared in the trailer of their upcoming movie, Breaking Dawn, many were more than a little shocked to see the actor’s apparently ripped, MUSCULAR back and arms pretty much crushing the headboard of the bed with his passion!

So much so, in fact, that we must ask yourself is RPatz using a body double in this scene Maybe even K. Stewart?!

Check out the side-by-side comparison of his bod (above)!

What do U think?? Is that really RPattionson getting his thing on? And is that indeed KS?

Because RP is looking toned and KS seems to be loving it?

And look closely she has he knee up to her chest almost must be doing downward dogie style!

Robert Pattinson’s New Movie

The sexy vampire Robert Pattinson was spotted it a fancy suite on a smoke break from the film he is wearing a pear of slick black dressy pants with black overhaul straps attached, also with a white button up shirt, including a slick hairdo so no more Robert hair he has finally tamed it girls. But maybe he’s gonna be a James Bond! YAH GIRLS you would loveee that!

No one knows the name of the movie he is filming yet but as soon as I know you will know. So enjoy these pictures of Mr.Pattinson himself.

And may I add it’s so wired seeing Robert smoke and I have no clue why.


Robert Pattinson

HAHA okay I’m just gonna let the video speak for itself lol but I loved it haha, and the part were he says “Dirt” lol just the way he says it haha