Tyler’s Advice Column #1


Dear Tyler,

I’m 18 and for the past three years i’ve been dating a man 3 years older than my dad and 6 years older than my mom. My parents dont know about it because i kept it a secret but im ready to tell them because he’s ready to meet my family and he says he wants to get engaged. His sister knows about me and she’s not happy about the age difference and claims im with him for his money and a father figure which is untrue because my parents have been married for 20 years and my dad has always been in my life (my boyfriend is 55 ).



I must say I don’t have much against huge age differences age is just a number, as I prefer to older myself. However, that age gap is big enough to make any parent upset. He’s almost 40 years older than you. If you were a parent how would you react to your child telling you something like that? & you’ve been dating him since you were 15…clearly there is something wrong with a 52 year old dating a 15 year old. I really don’t know what else to say as this age difference is rather pushing it.

but I’ll leave you with: Life is short. Do what makes you happy and if you love him and he’s not using you or a perv go for it and your 18 and if they don’t accept think about moving in together. Family should love and accept love the way it is and not the way it’s being seen as in the past.


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Cy and Paris Relationship Issue Outside Reality!

Apparently the couple have decided to “reevaluate” their relationship after a year of dating.

What’s to blame for the sudden problems? None other than — surprise, surprise — reality television!

Cy is furious over how much of the couple’s private life has been shown on The World According To Paris, as sources have said:

“Cy is very upset with The World According to Paris. He felt that way too much of their private life was shown. When he signed on to do the show, he had no idea the cameras would be so invasive.”

Unfortunately, unlike Paris, Cy is new to the reality television game, as the source continued:

“Paris loves and respects Cy very much. He has been through a lot with her. But sometimes it’s hard on the relationship because he’s not used to this lifestyle, the media and being on a show.”

Another problem could be the distance between the couple because Cy lives in Las Vegas, where he spends a lot of time with his daughter, as a source close to him said:

“Cy has a daughter and he’s very protective about keeping her out of the media and wanting her to lead a normal life.”

Which is pretty admirable if you ask us! However, it sounds like the future of their relationship all comes down to whether they are both on the same page and ready to consider making the next step. Sources continued:

“Sometimes he feels like Paris isn’t ready to take the next step. They both love each other very much and are deciding what to do now.”

If we’ve learned anything from reality television since it exploded onto our cable subscriptions 12 years ago, it’s that it DOES NOT help relationships. It may be time for Paris to decide who she cares about more. Her boyfriend or fame!

Advice Column!

That’s right doing a New Advice Column for people out their because I think I can really help some people I do not care to tell you what I think and tell you your wrong. And I feel if you went to a friend or family member you would get “Oh you did nothing wrong” and would that solve your prob NO!

How this will work every Thursday I will take some question you send in and answer them right here you can sign your email as anonymous or leave your name as is. But check every Thursday because your question could be answered.

I am going do this via EMAIL just send your Q: to officialtyler@gmail.com and if this experiment does good it will go via PHONE!

So send me your questions and I will help you and feed you right NOT BS!

Crystal Harris Regrets Canceling Marriage

Crystal Harris broke off her engagement with Hef just days before their June 18th wedding. We all know that, and we all know that it was her decision to do it.

Yet, in a recent interview with ET, she’s seen to be what looks like forcing out some tears — maybe trying to play the sympathy card!

Here’s what she had to say, after mentioning that she was actually relieved but thought she had disappointed everybody:

“It happened so fast. Hef asked me to marry him in front of three cameras and a photographer. I thought it was something I wanted.”

She had plenty of time to call things off before they got to this point. Before things were booked, TV specials were lined up, and a whole wedding was planned and just days away.

Regardless of how he asked you and who was there, you could have immediately talked to him right after they were gone! When it comes to your happiness, don’t drag your feet!

We think we’re ready to hear from Hef! We get the feeling that he didn’t see this coming at all, and it’d be nice to know how he’s feeling beyond a few tweets here and there!

New Details Revealed In Taylor Swift/Jake Gyllenhaal Break-Up

New details on the reported break-up Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal.

According to a new article in US Weekly set to hit newsstands later this week, Jake Gyllenhaal was the one to call off the relationship. This comes after initial reports Jake initiated the romance with Taylor Swift to begin with.

SO why did the hunky actor call off the two-month long love affair right before the New Year? Well, according to an inside source via US Weekly, Jake “said he wasn’t feeling it anymore and was uncomfortable with all the attention they got.” “He wants to keep his private life private and that’s hard to do dating Taylor.” This insider is also saying that Jake “said he could feel the age difference,” and that “Taylor is really upset.”

So sad, although as we reported immediately following this breakup, both parties are said to be very happy. Taylor is set to appear at the People’s Choice Awards and Jake is revving up for what many think could be his first Golden Globe win. So what do you think was he right to break up with Taylor or no. But the age thing did get to me to it be like me dating a 6 year old.