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Zac Efron gets his model on for the September issue of Details magazine. And we’ll tell you what he had to say in the mag up next!

Mr. Zac Efron the movie star is showing off his posing skills in September’s Details magazine. He wears a variety of looks, lots of edgier outfits – plaid shirts, and motorcycle jackets.

But of course everyone really wants the scoop on what he had to say inside Detail’s pages. Apparently Zac, who is a total trooper, showed up to the interview even though he had a bad case of poison oak! Wow!

The article is very detailed – online it takes up 6 pages – so you get the idea, but Zac talks about everything from career, to how hard it was to drop out of Footloose, to his relationship with Vanessa Hudgens. He admits that some people might think he’s crazy for not playing the field, but his own words, he says “it not it my heart.” ANd that what he and V have is “real.” So sweet.

This of course is just a quick peak at the whole article, which you guys should definitely pick up, if anything just for the pictures. So,what do you guys think of Zac’s latest movie and the way his career is going? And will Zanessa one day hubby and wife? We want your guess here.

And again guys, thanks for always coming back to for your entertainment news. For exclusives you’ll only find on here, check us out at . I’m Tyler Farris – see you next time!



Check out these Twilight Saga Girl’s all showing their sexy side on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine! Also inside of the magazine their rocking a cover spread in the magazine all wearing red some in purple.

But if you look closely you notice  were the heck is Kristen Stewart at and why is she not their posing with the rest of the Eclipse girls? Maybe due to a not able to make it out to the shot, busy for the next movie breaking dawn?

Who knows so what is your opinion on were K. Stewart is and what you think of this sexy photo shot?