New Breaking Dawn Trailer!

This is orgasmic on how amazing this movie is gonna be! What do you think of the trailer orgasmic to you as well?


Taylor Lautner Re candling The Flame

Taylor Lautner is Re Candling the flame with his high school ex Sarah Hicks.

An unknown source says, “Taylor and Sarah are definitely back on. She’s absolutely gorgeous, and Taylor has always had a thing for her.”

At the beginning of the month, Ms Hicks tweeted that she was headed off for vacation and at the same time Mr Lautner mysteriously went bye bye from the world.

In a honest opinion this girl is not even that pretty shes ugly I think but hey maybe the “Eclipse” star shes the most beautiful thing ever.

So is this a Rumor or is this Real let me know what you think leave a comment below andRT and SHARE : )

Girls To Look Out For At The MTV MOVIE AWARDS!

All three of these girls to be looking out for at tonight MTV Movie Awards Sandra coming out since the divorce, Christina on her performance, and Gaga on her fashion. So be looking out for these girls because it’s a girl’s night out! so Enjoy!