Kristen Stewart’s House

I have no clue about you but I always wanted to see Ms.Stewart’s how and so I have it’s not what I expected to be honest. It is tho worth $6Million and her Net Worth is $55Million so make’s since she only spent $6million but I expect at least $17Million! But show’s she’s responsible with her money and she will get it back when she sell’s it MAYBE MORE! he bare feet touched the floor! so I assume it goes up to $100Million am I right?


Tyler’s Advice Column #1


Dear Tyler,

I’m 18 and for the past three years i’ve been dating a man 3 years older than my dad and 6 years older than my mom. My parents dont know about it because i kept it a secret but im ready to tell them because he’s ready to meet my family and he says he wants to get engaged. His sister knows about me and she’s not happy about the age difference and claims im with him for his money and a father figure which is untrue because my parents have been married for 20 years and my dad has always been in my life (my boyfriend is 55 ).



I must say I don’t have much against huge age differences age is just a number, as I prefer to older myself. However, that age gap is big enough to make any parent upset. He’s almost 40 years older than you. If you were a parent how would you react to your child telling you something like that? & you’ve been dating him since you were 15…clearly there is something wrong with a 52 year old dating a 15 year old. I really don’t know what else to say as this age difference is rather pushing it.

but I’ll leave you with: Life is short. Do what makes you happy and if you love him and he’s not using you or a perv go for it and your 18 and if they don’t accept think about moving in together. Family should love and accept love the way it is and not the way it’s being seen as in the past.


EMAIL me at

How To Get In Her Pants On V-day!

This is the guide to get in your partners pants and get romantic with one another if you know what I mean 😉

RULE (1)

Buy Roses NOT 1,2,3,4 or 5 especially if you want to get in her pant’s! AND NO FAKE’S! All you will get is a Kick to the B**** and the couch will be calling you! Get a DOZEN because that will show her you love her and you don’t care if you go broke because of her. And send them to her work so she knows your not embarrassed to claim her in public because every girl likes to flaunt what they got and plus it will keep her in a GOOD mood all day because you sure don’t want a P***** off wife or GF then you will so not get the JACKPOT! And make sure it’s RED, WHITE, AND PINK!

Red Rose: This one is the most obvious. It means “I love you.” It represents romance and love.

Regular Pink: A pink rose represents happiness. It’s great to give a pink rose to a partner to say, “I’m very happy with our relationship.”

White Rose: A white rose symbolizes innocence and purity. When combined with red roses (see further down), it represents “unity”.

A mixture of these will let her know just how special she is to you and that will warm her up to lowering those panties.

So far you got


RULE (2)


YES! Candy is the way to go! Every girl loves her candy so why not what will hurt and be sure to send them along with the roses to make her day even better but DON’T buy the lame candy for a $1 buy her some truffles or something else that is not cheap! and hey why not send a card along with this  and include a heart but we will get into the hearts lil later but do this and your point will rack up to 20 so now you have…


RULE (3)


This is were things get fun and sexy the night before cut out small hearts and be sure to make a bunch and on each one you make write something special about her or something you want to say to her or just do both and hide then all around the house her car purse any were’s you can think she will find one. EX: tape one on the bathroom mirror, then one on her car steering wheel, one on her phone, and be sure to when she has dinner sit one in her seat and under her plate so when YOU pick it up their it is and make sure that’s the last one and make it more special! and thats why I call this the heart attack I MEAN SO MANY HEARTS IT crazy but cute and she will love it!

And will get




Now this is a YES when you plain a V-day dinner you want a romantic feel to it and very sexy were she would date the table and dump you.  Have candles, flowers, and some table decor and some things that are wrong in this pic you want to be across from one another! and more table decor and candles! Candles wont hurt at all because you want to turn the lights of play some soft music and eat and this is gonna be a little dark. NOW THE WRONG WAY!

Yes this is very Romantic and I like this one way better but over all their are ton’s of mistakes!

1) NEVER PUT THE FOOD ON THE TABLE it’s crappy and you should make her dinner and serve her! not herself! FOOD OFF TABLE!

2)Not enough Candles their is only 1 and 1 is not enough throw some more on the table!

3)No center peace their is only a chocolate fondant as a center peace but not for a moment like this! TAKE IT OFF! Put some roses in the center but NOT so many were you can’t look into her eyes and talk to one another I recommend Roses about 5 or 6INCH’s tall and two tall candles on the side.

4)No flowers  all I’m saying put them their!

5) PAPER PLATES ARE YOU KIDDING if your trying to impress her PAPER PLATES NOT THE WAY to go get the china get the glass not paper!

6) Table Decor it’s alright but you can buy fake roses and lay on the table with the plastic heart’s and it would be perfect and another the plate mates do away they are 😛 and don’t look right with the setting!

So follow these rules and you will have a romantic night! This will get you….

40 points if YOU cook!


RULE (5)

FOOD! This is were things get hard you need to know what to fix and what not to fix but be sure you fix her favorite and NO PIZZA OR TACO BELL something romantic! and make sure you have a dessert to go with after the dinner! Chocolate strawberries a cake or anything else you like that sounds romantic and if you have to order the food if you can’t cook be sure and to LIE BUT DON’T LIE. I mean say you tried to cook but didn’t work out so you order so that way she knows you at least tried your best and she will be thankful you tried! and throw some dishes in the sink if you need to! but TRY! before you order!

This will earn you….


RULE (6)


Best time to give her the gifts is right after Desert and give her JEWELERY for one that is a ++++++ in her book and will get you closer to the bed! and throw in a teddy bear because every girl loves a teddy bear and if you ever have to go away a night she will have that teddy to remember you can remember that special night and may just get you lucky when you come back 😉 But another thing to make her heart melt is to make her a scrapbook of pictures of yalls favorite memories may be gurly to you but will say that your sweet and sensitive and will get you closer to a special night!




RULE (7)


After Dinner be sure to give her your time go lay in the bed cuddle and watch a movie maybe “TITANIC” it’s a romantic movie and she has done seen it thousands of time she would be more willing to talk and be romantic with you so don’t get a movie shes been dying to see because she will ignore you and be focused on the movie and not on you and their that goes. And it also means if she stays up to late their goes your chance of being laid because she will be to tired. So pick a movie thats romantic to end the day and something she has seen that wont keep you from scoring!




You have been laid!

Remember flow these rules and you get what you wanted and you can even do this on a random day doesn’t have to be on V-Day! just change the setting and theme!