Robert Pattinson’s New Movie

The sexy vampire Robert Pattinson was spotted it a fancy suite on a smoke break from the film he is wearing a pear of slick black dressy pants with black overhaul straps attached, also with a white button up shirt, including a slick hairdo so no more Robert hair he has finally tamed it girls. But maybe he’s gonna be a James Bond! YAH GIRLS you would loveee that!

No one knows the name of the movie he is filming yet but as soon as I know you will know. So enjoy these pictures of Mr.Pattinson himself.

And may I add it’s so wired seeing Robert smoke and I have no clue why.



Girls To Look Out For At The MTV MOVIE AWARDS!

All three of these girls to be looking out for at tonight MTV Movie Awards Sandra coming out since the divorce, Christina on her performance, and Gaga on her fashion. So be looking out for these girls because it’s a girl’s night out! so Enjoy!