Carrie’s wedding dress!

This is post to be the dress Carrie Underwood is post to be wearing on the big day and look hot in.

This dress is not a dress for some girls but I think Carrie will be able to pull this look hot and make her Fiance cry.

Because we all know Carrie is a really beautiful girl and deserves and amazing day because she is more then a singer. She has heart and soul in her heart is so warming that she deserves this day.

So what do you think about her rumored to be dressed do you like it or no???


I think it isn’t to pretty but the right girl like Carrie can pull it off and A’c it!

Results will be announced next Thursday!

/But congrats Carrie on the wedding and a post on the wedding tomorrow 7/11/2010


The Willie Nelson HairCut!

Willie Nelson get's a HairCut

Willie Nelson the famous country singer/actor has said goodbye to the long hair an hello to the short hair.

Some are angry about the singer cutting his air of and about how and why he did this. But he said he likes it and he likes the new look.

So what is your opinion should he grow it all back or keep it short?