True Blood “Spell Bound” RECAP!

Last week, everyone was left wondering what would come of Jessica and great vampire massacre. Okay so mainly we were all wondering if Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) was still alive, or dead like BOOM dead since she is dead.

Point is, we expected bloody tears and pissed off vamps, but we didn’t expect this:

One vampire death, total. Gooo Team Vamp!  Vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) even oh-so smartly spun the death as a suicide victim of vamp bullying.  Smooth moves, And that means Jessica survives, surprise, surprise. Come on, did you really think Alan Ball would let that redhead go?

Doesn’t matter tho, ‘cause bloodbathing ensued between the supernaturals anyhoo. Leaving us to wonder how in the wolfin’ world the super important main characters are going to escape death once again. Argh.

Then we has steamy hotness, with the shower scene which was really a snow reality BUMMER!  But I was trying to figure out were the snow come from what the? Then I realized she drank “V” tricky stuff if your not careful.

But we got: Narnia slash cheesy romance novel. Something that should never ever go together. So here’s the deal, Alan Ball, Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and Sookie (Anna Paquin) together equals hot, but you don’t have to overdo it. Really. It was funny though.

Wherever the he is, you know Lafayette’s (Nelsan Ellis) just thinkin’ “ah hell naw bitch.” The singing ghost hanging with the demon baby’s all up in his body, and we’re starting to think he has his cousin Tara’s (Rutina Wesley) luck, but without the whiny thing.

Tho have to admit, it’s time these TB writers started explaining what this demon child ghost is all about. Sorry Laf, you’re just going to have to be her ghost bitch for a little while.

Most important of the night is “The Meet” what I like to call it between the Witches and Vamp’s. They meet at the graveyard why of all place’s meet out in the public DUH no one try anything DUH. Both group’s come with back up not trusting one another and Snookie read’s Marine’s mind and more backup comes and fog just fall’s from no were. And What I don’t understand why they didn’t hunker down and the guards just shot everyone! and shot Marnie when they had the chance!

But What did you think of the shower sex? Did you really think Jess would die? And is Lafayette going to bust out his French lullabies?


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