Sneak Peek Of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ ‘Over My Dead Body’ Episode

So what is going on with Pretty Little Liar’s? One minute the detective is not bugging them that much then one minute he’s in their GRILL Like come on cool down SIR calm DOWN! But finally seem’s Hannah blow’s her top with this detective and I love every minute of their conversation. I just hope Hannah stink’s to her gun’s and keep’s them ready to fire, because look’s like the detective slam’s down his hand’s and Hannah back’s of by the look on her face.

Then the picture’s of Aria look’s like there might be some major drama when Aria goes to see Jackie, ya know, Ezra‘s ex. I mean, Jackie gets so angry that she breaks a pencil in half! Is her dad that detective? We just have to ask seem’s like they both need some anger management! But what set of the fight between the two to cause Jackie to SNAP a pencil? Did Aria tell her to back off, or did she go to get some advice and  Jackie didn’t like knowing their together?

Then we can’t leave out the dresses, We notice that the four gals are really dirty, yet they’re all dolled up in dresses. What’s up with that? Maybe they went to find that hidden page and dug in Allison’s grave? and they were attending a party dolled up when they got the clue?

But we wan’t to know what is your take on the photo’s below be sure to check them out and leave your prediction below!


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