Pretty Little Liar’s “Picture This” ep. RECAP

last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liar’s was amazing but the episode kicked things off in a way that we have never, ever seen. We see Aria getting hot and heavy in bed with Ezra, then in the next moment Ezra is replaced by none other than JD — as in Jason DeLaurentis. Just as Aria goes in to kiss him — she wakes up! Yep, it was a dream — so annoying! At any rate, the episode continues and the drama doesn’t stop. First off, this episode really set up something that’s coming for Jenna –and that’s an eye or cornea transplant — not really sure what it’s called, but basically she’ll be able to see soon. And yes, she’s still in cahoots with Officer Garrett Reynolds — aka the weirdest, creepiest person ever — and at one point we learned that they definitely have something to hide about the night of Ali‘s death and it’s something they’re hoping Jason DeLaurentis doesn’t remember. Speaking of new people on PLL, let’s talk about what’s going on with JD. Spencer figures out that he has a secret shed, so she enlists Emily to break in to figure out what’s inside. In a very odd twist, they find a photo dark room, where he’s been developing pictures of Aria in her room sleeping. They also find a ton of surveillance equipment. When they run from the shed, they accidentally leave behind a flashlight and as you would guess, Jason finds it, clears out the whole place and when the girls return, the only thing in the shed is the single flashlight. So creepy. On the romance front, Aria gets wild in this episode — essentially attacking Ezra and ripping off her clothes in his office, which yes, does sort of make him wonder what’s going on. But that’s not it. She has another sexy dream with JD in it, and then at the close of the episode, he tells her he has feelings for her, and then he goes in for the kiss. She pulls away after a bit and says she’s unavailable. Crazy. Lastly, and in what I’m going to call one of the best-acted scenes in the show’s history. Caleb heads to Hannah‘s house to say goodbye before he flies out to meet his birthmother for the first time in over 10 years. As they say their farewells, they both break-down, crying. Tyler Blackburn did an amazing job in this scene — and of course Ashley Benson killed it too. And that’s the basic just of what went down — there’s also some new development with Mike Montgomery — we think there’s something serious going on with him , but we’re not sure what exactly and we now know for sure that Jason DeLaurentis is just as creepy. What did you guys think of the JD — Aria — what did you think of their lip-lock? Did you want to see more or are you appalled? Let us know right here!

And I do apologize for being SO LATE on the RECAP!


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