Chritstina Aguilera Performance!

In Miss Christina Aguilera performance she open with ”Bionic” the main song on her album, then closed with “Not Myself Tonight.”

And in all honesty I hated “Not Myself Tonight” part because it was whorish and plus she rubbed a dude’s face in his crotch.

To me it seems like she was doing a Adam Lambert thing. So Chritstina Aguilera might have just screwed herself again now she will be compared to Adam and Gaga now.

But Don’t get me wrong I still love Aguilera and I have alwas liked her but she is to old and is to much a mom to be pulling those moves.

And for her outfit it was all fine till her Lower half lit up into a heart and basically saying eat me out. And that is what one song of her’s she sung said but I was trying to avoid that song guess not!

But the song “Not Myself Tonight” sucked she was trying to hit the notes that she couldn’t and should have stuck to singing it in a low pitch not a high pitch.

So what is your opinion on this singer did you love her MTV Movie Awards Performance ot did you totaly hate it leave your opinion and thoughts in a comment below!

And you just read a blog post BY:Tyler Farris


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